Bill Clinton on Steve Bing Death: Clinton Pays Tribute on Twitter & Internet Raises Questions

Bill Clinton on Steve King Death Pays Tribute & Internet Raises Questions
Bill Clinton on Steve King Death Pays Tribute & Internet Raises Questions

Steve Bing, an American philanthropist and filmmaker, died after falling from the 27th floor of his apartment house in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon. The death of Steve Bing, a close of former US President Bill Clinton, raises questions in netizens’ minds.

Steve got his big break in Hollywood with Kangaroo Jack, which he wrote while in high school along with one of his accomplice. The businessman was known for writing exceptionally well scripts and movie scripts. Bing worked with Tom Hanks on the project The Polar Express.

Steve Bing Death: Liz Hurley’s ex-husband died after falling face-flat at the base of his house in Century City, California.

According to sources, he was feeling ‘depressed’ from a long due to the ongoing pandemic situation as he could not wander outside his house. However, no confirmation on the reason behind his death is given by the authorities and no suicide note was found in his house.

Bill Clinton on Steve Bing Death

The former US President Bill Clinton worked closely with Steven Bing, and he considered Bing a friend. The two were spotted multiple times during and after Clinton’s presidential run from 1993 to 2001.

Bill Clinton on Steve King Death Pays Tribute & Internet Raises Questions
Bill Clinton on Steve King Death Pays Tribute & Internet Raises Questions

Bill Clinton on Steve King demise: Bill posted a heartfelt tweet. He said, “I will miss him.” Take a look at the entire tweet below:

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Bill Clinton and Steve Bing Friendship

In 2009, Clinton flew to North Korea to settle the release of two US journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling were captured in the foreign country. It was Steve Bing who provided the private jet to Clinton at that time.

On December 18, 2018, Steve Bing donated between $10-$25 Million in donations to William J. Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton and Steve Bing were close associates, and their families knew each other even though Steve had a rough marriage timeline, his latest marriage with Elizabeth Hurley in 2000 broke-off even before completing a year.

Steve Bing Net Worth 2020 Death Reason & Cause
Steve Bing Death Controversies, Steve Bing and Bill Clinton Conspiracy Theories

Steve Bing Death Controversy: Internet Swarmed With Conspiracy Theories

Various conspiracy theories have erupted in the wake of Bing’s death to demand an in-depth investigation. Many believe that Bill Clinton played the role of the killer while some mention that Bill’s wife Hillary Clinton pushed Bing off the apartment.

Bill Clinton, Steve Bing, and Jeffrey Epstein were very close associates, and it is speculated that everyone involved in the Epstein child trafficking racket is being killed one by one. As Jeffrey is already dead, Steve was the next big target.

Others cannot soak in the thought that a 55 years old millionaire who had everything in life, suddenly decided to jump-off from the 27th floor of the house. He might have been pushed-off by someone else, Russian Mafia-style.

Twitter harbours many such conspiracy theories of Bill Clinton & Steve Bing, take a look:-

The Internet is full of many such controversies, conspiracies, and various perspectives as to why Steve Smith took his own life. If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment down below.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Steve Bing Death.

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