Steve Bing Net Worth 2020, Death Reason & Cause: Dies At 55 in Los Angeles

Steve Bing Net Worth 2020 Death Reason & Cause
Steve Bing Net Worth 2020 Death Reason & Cause

Steve Bing, an American writer, film producer, and philanthropist has died at the age of 55 in Los Angeles. Read Steven Bing’s Net Worth 2020 and the cause of his death.

Bing was a wealthy financier and wrote multiple movie scripts like Kangaroo Jack. He also produced several movies such as Get Carter, Every Breath, and Tom Hanks’ The Polar Express.

The police are currently investigating the death after the businessman was found dead at the base of his luxury apartment in Century City, California on Monday at around 1:00 PM. Check out Steve Bing’s Death Reason & Cause.

Steve Bing Death Cause & Reason

Elizabeth Hurley’s ex-husband Steve Bing died after falling from the 27th floor of his apartment in Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead on the scene. A person informed the police about the possible suicide at 1:10 PM.

The deceased’s identity is not yet revealed and the cause or reason of death are pending.

Steve Bing Net Worth 2020 Death Reason & Cause
Steve Bing Net Worth 2020 Death Reason & Cause

According to several news sources, the businessman was ‘depressed’ amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which did not let him roam outside his house.

Steve Bing Net Worth 2020: Net Worth At The Time He Died

Steven Bing net worth as of June 2020 – $590 Million.

Steve who rose to fame after he inherited $600 Million at the age of 18 from his real estate magnate grandfather, is confirmed dead by TMZ. At the time of his death, Steven Bing net worth was depleted by $10 million.

Bing’s grandfather built luxury apartments in New York City during the 1920s.  His old-man earned the money and divided equally in all his sons (Bing’s father).

Steve’s dad, Dr Peter Bing, enrolled with Johnson White House to serve as a public health servant prior to permanently shifting to Los Angels to manage the family business.

The Bing Family once appeared in the Forbes list of 400 Richest Americans. In the current times, Steven Bing net worth 2020 was amazing.

Although Steven Bing was given a fortune, he could not handle the big sum at such a tender age. The later business indulged in wrongdoings in his childhood. It was only after meeting his ex-wife Liz Hurley when Steve decided to be a little more public about his life.

Steve Bing Wiki Biography

The business tycoon was born Stephen Leo Bing on March 31, 1965. He was born to a mother nurse, Helen and dad Peter Bing.

During his high school period at LA Harvard – Westlake Private School, he developed a thing for writing sitcoms. His first-ever writing was “Missing In Action” which ended up starring Chuck Norris in the lead role and also had a sequel.

Steven did not like college, although he was enrolled at an Ivy League college at Stanford University. He dropped out in junior year to make a name in Hollywood Film Industry.

After dropping out, Bing continued writing for a long time. He got his first break with Kangaroo Jack and then movies started coming one by one. Bing invested $80 Million into the animated project The Polar Express which featured Tom Hank’s voice. The movie ended up becoming a nationwide hit, it garnered $285 Million which exponentially increased Steve Bing Net Worth 2020.

Steve Bing left behind a boy Damian, who was born to the ex-wife. Bing did not get a chance to be a good father as his son’s mother took the custody after the split.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Steve Bing Net Worth 2020.

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