Boruto Chapter 26 Release Date, Spoilers: Will Kawaki Meet Naruto?

Boruto Chapter 26 Release Date:

As per the fans, this manga series getting far more and better as the chapters are coming one by one. You must be knowing that the Shojoji arc wasn’t much satisfying but at the time of climax, the fans know the powers of Karma. While the Ao arc was the thing that touches the heart from the beginning. The fans are crazy about the Kashin Koji.

The two chapters were full of fight content with the beginning of Kawaki arc. And as the arc progresses, we will be seeing more thrilling fights. First of all, let’s go to the Konohagakure as we know that chapter 25 showed that the Team 7 had the goal to go back to Konohagakure and proceed further with Kawaki.

Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers

Kawaki will have to face Naruto, and he’ll be under pressure to answer tons of questions about Kara. The anonymous source revealed that Kawaki will definitely try to attack Naruto before anything instead of attacking the village. And it is already clear he will not be able to stand in front of the powers of Naruto Uzumaki.

Boruto Chapter 26 Release Date, Spoilers

The speculations also think that after understanding the situation of each and everyone including Boruto, Kawaki will be taken as Naruto’s trainee. But all of you know that Sasuke Uchiha is the trainer of Boruto and Naruto giving training to Kawaki can’t be digested.

If this happens, then it will a battle between Naruto and Sasuke. It’s pretty sure that if Kawaki anyhow gets success in defeating Naruto then Boruto will try to his fullest to get victory over him. Anything could, this is just the beginning of the story of Kawaki.

And there one more possibility that he will get progress in his skill as the Boruto gets. This Kawaki arc is going to be the most interesting until now because there are many interesting twists that could turn the tables at any time. The above information of the spoilers is from an anonymous source, hope you love to read this.

This chapter will be out soon on 17th August 2018. Mark this date in your calendar and avoid forgetting this.

Stay tuned with TCD! for more updates.

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