Boruto Episode 67 Release Date, Spoilers: Super Chocho Super Mode!

Boruto Episode 67 Release Date: This episode will be the starting of a completely new arc based on Chocho Akimichi. In this arc, we will be seeing Team 7 to work on the missions along with Team 10. These missions will have the goal to protect some of the celebrities. They are those celebrities on which the band of ninjas keeping an eye on them.

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This band of ninjas wears a unique kind of masks. Once again, Chocho Akimichi will be mad about a guy in this arc. However, all of this will help her in character development. And she is going to be stronger than ever. If you are a hardcore fan, you must be knowing that Chocho had performed impressively in Chunin exams.

Boruto Episode 67 Release Date, Spoilers

But she can do more than that because she has more potential than this. It is an expectation that she will be seen in big fights in this arc. The other speculations revealed that there is a possibility that Chocho might use her Butterfly Mode in the future episodes.

Boruto Episode 67 Release Date, Spoilers

Just try to remember the Butterfly Mode of Akimichi clam. It is claimed to be the strongest Jutsu in the history of Konoha. Chocho has the potential to do this without pills. After some time, she is going to be more powerful than ever. Almost every fan is so much eager to watcher her with the chakra wings.

The episode 67 will air on 2nd August 2018. You can catch the live streaming from the official websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation. In addition, there are some unofficial portals to get the live streaming like KissAnime. Not only this anime, you can almost each and every anime on the unofficial source. But it is always recommended to use the official sources to avoid further issues.

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