Bunker Boy: Funny Donald Trump Memes Surface as US President Hides In A Bunker

President Donald Trump Speaks in Rose Garden as George Floyd Protests Get Violent
President Donald Trump Speaks in Rose Garden as George Floyd Protests Get Violent

The US President, Donald Trump watched protestors gather in front of White House from a forfeited bunker inside the big house. That is how he spent nearly an hour of his Friday weekend night and got named ‘Bunker Boy’ President. Could it be his next nickname? Yes, maybe. Check out funny Bunker Boy Donald Trump Memes.

One of the most powerful men in the world scared by his own citizens switched off lights and hid in an underground basement of the great White House. This should not sound like a US President but, in fact, Donald Trump along with his wife and son resided in the super-secure bunker.

Later on, he tweeted to thank the U.S. Secret Services for providing “couldn’t have felt more safe” environment to his family. Check out his tweet.

A leader is supposed to help the followers in a crisis and not abide in the middle. Instead of addressing the people about the tragic killing of George Floyd, Donald Trump thought it is wise to let the protests continue as usual. George Floyd, a 46-year old unarmed African-American, was murdered by a police officer from the Minneapolis Police Department. He was accused of a ‘counterfeit bill’.

Bunker Boy: Funny Donald Trump Memes as US President Hides In A Bunker
Bunker Boy Donald Trump Funny Memes

Similar conducts were reported earlier when police thrashed into the residence of Breonna Taylor, a Black EMT in Louisville, Kentucky and shot her dead right at the moment. Just over a simple search warrant. Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year old Black person, was recently harassed while jogging by two white cops in Georgia.

Anonymous, a hacking organization, has revealed some dirty facts on Donald Trump and his links with Jeffrey Epstein in his human trafficking business, child abuse, and much more. You can read it in detail here.

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Jeffrey Epstein & Donald Trump: Funny Memes Bunker Boy Trump

Since Floyd’s death, people have been protesting all over the States to teach their government and officials to not act outside the rules and to perform their duties in a civilized approach.

It happened for the first time in history that a President flunks to a bunker fearing his own people. Also for the first time that all White House lights went off.

The hideous bunker was architectured to prevent the President from a possible terrorist attack or life-threatening situations. However, Trump decided it was time to go underground to keep safe while people collected in large numbers to protest the racism being practiced by the Police.

What happened next drew the attention of memers and the general public. The President exited the bunker and started a video conference call with state governors, explaining how “weak” their actions have been to protect the respected states.

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The irony is that Donald Trump sat down in a bunker and called the governors and officials incompetent to do their jobs. That’s exactly how the #BunkerBoy and #BunkerBitch started trending on twitter and people posted funny Bunker Boy Trump memes. Check them out:-

Bunker Boy Donald Trump Memes


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Stay tuned for more updates on protests going on around the country.

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