Captain Tsubasa Episode 19 Spoilers, Synopsis, Preview, and Where to Watch

Captain Tsubasa Episode 19 Spoilers: Captain Tsubasa’s, the most popular Japanese manga series, is currently in its 18th episode.  Nankatsu presence in the final tournament has been confirmed. This time the struggle is gonna be very hard for them. This is a do or die situation for them. Losing this time ultimately led to the ending of the game.

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Wakabayashi also decided to return for playing final game with the team and Tsubasa’s hand. He hadn’t performed because of his injury, but he confirms his arrival in the final game. Naniwa FC starts the game along with Osaka’s representative.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 19 Spoilers, Synopsis, Preview, and Where to Watch

The team struggles very hard to score the goal due to high built along with the flexibility of their goalkeeper Nakanishi. His appearance resembles the iron wall in front of the goal. No doubt, he is the best goalkeeper of the tournament, but still, Tsubasa makes a strike.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 19 Spoilers, Synopsis, Preview, and Where to Watch

Episode 19 will air on 7 August 2018, and we already get some info about this episode. Fierce Fight Meiwa VS Furano! is the name given. The synopsis officially declared on the site is:

The story revolves around the soccer tournament. Semifinal of the game starts. Furano is represented by Hokkaido and Meiwa is represented by Saitama. The first games take place between Hokkaido and Saitama. Being the current champion, Hyuga plays very strong. From the beginning, he adopts the technique of one-man game. He starts attacking the opponent team fiercely.

Matsuyama also played like a champion. He won’t accept defeat too fast. From his performance, he is consistently creating the chances for the winning of his team. His vicious training and great leadership quality help his team a lot to survive.

That’s all that we have. This episode will officially release on Crunchyroll. There are many unofficial websites who are releasing this but keep the pride of official website.

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