Senran Kagura Season 2 Release Date and Everything you need to know

Senran Kagura Season 2 Release Date: The official website of the series just posted a video featuring first promotion of the upcoming instalment. The title of the season has been set to Senran Kagura Shinovi Master – Tokyo Yōma-hen- which is supposed to air on AT-X.

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The promotional video also has given the glimpse of the opening theme song, Scarlet Master which has been sung by Sayaka Sasaki. She had also done her work in the first instalment of the series. This Anime has already gained a lot of fans with the initial episodes.

Senran Kagura Season 2 Release Date

Now, most of them are eagerly waiting for more episode to know more about the story. The visuals released by the makers of the series has Yumi and Fabuki and this is the only reason for the fans to get more excited. It got popular because previously it all started with video games with the same name.

Senran Kagura Season 2 Release Date

Because of so much of popularity as a game, the makers started to hit the anime market which also has the global scope. This is the anime in which most of the characters are attractive. The mystery is the integral part and the thing which made it so popular across the world.

Here are the people who made season 2 a reality.

Prop Design: Yasuhiro Moriki,
Yutaka Miya Art Setting: Junko Nagasawa (Production ai)
Art Director: Yoshimi Umino (Production ai)
Color Design: Aiko Matsuyama (Typhoon Graphics)
Director of Photography: Hiroyuki Chiba (Anime Film)
Editing: Takashi Sakurai (Typhoon Graphics)
Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
Music: Noisycroak
Sound Production: Lantis

As per the sources, the second season of the series will be available from October 2018. Other than that there is not much revealed about the future episodes.

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