CDC Florida Mistake In Reporting COVID-19 Numbers: DeAnna Lorraine Tweet Fact Check

CDC Mistake Florida COVID-19
CDC Mistake Florida COVID-19, Trump WH CDC

DeAnna Lorraine has yet again tweeted on a controversial subject, Florida labs reporting false COVID-19 numbers. The Republican candidate previously tweeted about Dr Fauci alleged link to Ghislaine Maxwell. The recent accusations state that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made a “mistake” in reporting accurate corona positive numbers. Let’s do a fact check.

DeAnna Lorraine is known for tweeting on heating topics around the United States. One such hot ground is COVID-19 in Florida. The state reported a record-breaking number of 15,300+ corona positive cases on a single day in July. Since then, people and authorities are questioning the laboratories for not reporting the right numbers.

On 15 July, Jessi Melton for US Congress claimed that 33 Florida labs have been busted for “cooking the books” and reporting 98% positive rate instead of 9.8%. The report came out mostly false as the increase in corona positive cases was due to Florida labs not reporting the negative results.

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Let’s do a quick fact check about the CDC Mistake in Florida about falsely reporting the COVID-19 cases.

CDC Florida Mistake

CDC is the official US association that tracks the numbers of corona positive and negative cases in the United States and other healthcare-associated infections tracking. DeAnna Lorraine made a statement that CDC “just came out & said they made another ‘mistake’ in FL.” Read the entire tweet.

The claim about Trump telling hospitals to bypass CDC and report the numbers directly to the White House (WH) is true.

As per a report from The Hill, Trump administration, under new instructions, advised hospitals to send “coronavirus-related information” to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and not to CDC.

CDC offered transparency in numbers of beds, ventilators, and the numbers of COVID-19 patients the hospital have. The CDC will continue to serve such essential details.

CDC Mistake Florida COVID-19
CDC Mistake Florida COVID-19, Trump WH CDC

In a statement posted on the HHS website, the association’s goal is to streamline data collection and to ultimately help the government to provide enough supplies to the hospitals to cure the patients as fast as possible.

Did CDC Admit To Making A “Mistake” in Florida numbers?

DeAnna made another claim that CDC acknowledge their mistake to report the viral fevers Pneumonia and Flu as COVID-19 which is totally false.

CDC has never admitted to making a mistake in reporting viral fevers as coronavirus. The rumor was spread via a Facebook Post which was later flagged as untrue, as Bob Anderson, NCHS chief of mortality statistics, confirmed to AFP Fact Check.

CDC displayed death from Pneumonia and Influenza next to COVID-19 death, according to archived web pages from April 3. Andreson said that “the ‘All Deaths involving COVID-19’ column only refer to people who died from the disease, not merely with the disease.”

Conclusion: Unsubstantiated. Half of the claims made by DeAnna Lorraine are false. CDC did not say they made a mistake in reporting false COVID-19 numbers in Florida.

Stay tuned with us to get latest updates on Florida COVID-19 case updates.

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