Midsomer Murders season 22 release date: Is it renewed or canceled?

Midsomer Murders season 22 release date: Is it renewed or canceled?

The British crime drama series by Bentley Productions “Midsomer Murders” premiered season 21 recently at the starting of this year. It has been airing since 1997. Now the main question is whether the series is renewed or canceled?

The answer is quite difficult as there has been no announcement from the creators of the series as well as from ITV or Acorn regarding the renewal. Also, there is no news regarding the cancelation and there is no reason for the creators to cancel it. So we can hope for a new installment in the upcoming time for sure.

The crime drama is based on the investigations of the murders that occur in the villages of Midsomer Country. The interesting thing about the murders is that they are not preplanned or done by serial killers.

The incidents take place as per the situations created by the daily life of the normal people of the villages. In season 21 with four episodes, four cases are solved by Detective Chief John Barnaby and Detective Sergeant Winter. The number of episodes keeps changing with the seasons.

Midsomer Murders Season 22 Release Date: Will there be a new installment?

Since there is no reason for the cancelation, it may be renewed anytime. If we took attention to Neil Dudgeon as John Barnaby, the main character of the show has answered many questions in an interview.

He said that he has loved to work as the role is quite interesting and fun to play and working with the cast members makes him delightful. He also said that he will love to work further with them. Seeing this, we can say that there may be a new season.

The last season was aired in January 2020 with four episodes. It might be possible that there would be some more episodes in the season or a freshly new season is also possible.

Now, due to the current conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to begin the filming and the dates of most of the series have been delayed. So, it is quite difficult to say anything about the release date. But once the conditions will switch back to normal, the series may return back in the next year 2021.

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Midsomer Murders Season 22 Cast: Will the cast members be the same?

The series is always renewed with some new mystery cases which contain the murders of some new characters and leads to the occurrence of new faces. But some of the main characters like-Neil Dudgeon as John Barnaby, Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby, Jane Wymark as Joyce Barnaby, Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter, Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones, Barry Jackson as Dr. George, Laura Howard as Cully Barnaby, etc., have been the same from a long time.

Now, in the upcoming outing, the main characters of the series need to be the same to keep the feel of the series. Some new characters depending on the plot are likely to appear in it.

Midsomer Murders Season 22 Plot: What could happen next?

The series being a crime drama always revolved around the mysteries of different murders with John Barnaby. He with his intelligent team members and his incredible experience solve them smartly.

In the last seasons, the mysteries of different murders in the villages and towns of Midsomer country are solved. So, it will be no wonder if we expect some new mysteries in the upcoming installment.

Also, some cases from the past may also be reinvestigated if necessary though approximately all the cases have been solved successfully.

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