Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates: Iravati come to know the truth of Chandrakanta

Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates: Veer came to Umang. He took Umang to a well with him. He said to him to save Chandrakanta from that well. But Umang got confused because he thought that Chandrakanta has already died. Chandrakanta was in the guise of a dancer. She started dancing in the festival. She tried to find veer.

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Iravati liked her dance and gave her a gift. Chandrakanta said to her to do Vishnu Hawan. But Iravati refused to do it. She said to Chandrakanta that she will first meet with Trinami and save Praja from her devil son Swayam and then she would do Vishnu Hawan.

Umang tried to make Veer understand that Chandrakanta has died but Veer did not believe. Chandrakanta came there. She hit the head of Veer. She took Veer with the help of Umang. She told Umang that she is his friend, not Surya. She said that she would save Veer from Iravati.

Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates

Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates

Dhruv saw Chandrakanta taking care of Veer. He said that Chandrakanta is mad in love so he himself had to find the Jadui Khanjar. Iravati came to Trinami. Trinami took Swayam out of the pot and asked him if he would kill people now, Swayam said that he would kill all the people.

Trinami put Swayam in the pot again. Iravati said to Trinami that she would convince Swayam. She said to Swayam not to harm anybody. Swayam agreed to not to harm anybody. Dhruv came to the cave where the Jadui Khanjar was placed. He did veneration of Lord Vishnu. The Khanjar appeared in front of him.

Chandrakanta said to Umang that they had to send Veer to Raj Mahal because his condition was not good. She said that they can use Veer as a pawn against Iravati. Umang told Chandrakanta that Trinami was none other than Tez. He said that Tez had made a plan against Iravati.

Trinami got Swayam free from the pot. Swayam came out of the pot and disappeared. Iravati asked Trinami where Swayam was. Trinami tried to find Swayam with his magic but he failed. Iravati became angry and said that she will kill all people of Trinami but people requested her to do veneration of Lord Vishnu.

Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates

Dhruv tried to get Jadui khanjar but he got hurt. His skin started blooding. Swayam entered into the Khanjar. He said that now he is linked with that Khanjar and who will try to get Khanjar will have to face him.

Iravati did veneration of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared in front of her. He said to her that she would get what she wanted. Lord Vishnu disappeared. Iravati said to Trinami that Lord Vishnu had blessed her so she would get her son now.

Gehna caught Nishi because she wanted to sacrifice her life and place her soul into BhadrMaa. But Nishi ran from there. Iravati caught Nishi. She said that she would kill her and transfer her soul into BhadrMaa. Iravati killed Nishi and put her soul into a bottom.

Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 20th January 2018 Written Updates

She said that now she would transfer this soul into Bhadr Maa and find what BhardMaa wanted to tell her. Chandrakanta and Umang took Veer into RajMahal. Dhruv was unconscious and injured. Chandrakanta cured Dhruv which her Magic. Dhruv became conscious.

He said that he tried to find khanjar but he failed. Chandrakanta said to him not to worry as she would find Khanjar herself. Dhruv asked her about Veer. Chandrakanta said that she would use Veer against Iravati. But Dhruv said to her not to involve Veer in their plan.

He said that he would not work with her if she chose Veer. Chandrakanta said that she had chosen her mission first than Veer. Dhruv said that when he tried to get khanjar it looked like someone pulled him back.

Chandrakanta said that it was just because Vishnu only blessed her to get the Khanjar and not anyone else. Iravati transferred Nishi’s soul into Bhadrmaa. BhadrMaa got fine. She told Iravati that Surya is Chandrakanta itself.

What will Iravati do after knowing Chandrakanta’s truth?

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