Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates: Veer rescues Chandrakanta and Umang’s life

Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates: Iravati called her Maut Ke Saudagars and ordered them to find Chandrakanta for her. She did magic in whole RajMahal so that Chandrakanta and Dhruv could not use their magic. Dhruv and Chandrakanta saw that Iravati had left her soldiers for finding them.

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They tried to change their get-up with their magic but their magic did not work. They found a liquid for changing disguise. So they both drunk it and changed their getup. They left from the RajMahal. Trinami tried to see where Swayam was but he failed. Umang came there. Trinami asked Umang where he was.

Iravati’s soldiers came there. They caught Umang and took him to the RajMahal. Iravati came to Veer and said to him that Surya is doing planning against them. She said to Veer to find Surya and Dhruv. He said to her that he would do as she said. They saw that the soldiers had caught Umang and Trinami.

Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates

Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates

Iravati tortured Umang and asked him about Surya. But Umang did not tell them about Surya. Iravati ordered her soldiers to find Surya. Chandrakanta and Dhruv came out of RajMahal. Dhruv took her to the cave where Jadui Khanjar was placed. But Chandrakanta came back to RajMahal to save Umang.

Dhruv got angry because Chandrakanta was giving preference to Umang instead of their Mission. Veer tortured Umang and asked her about Surya but Umang said that he did not know where Surya was. Veer tortured him repeatedly. Chandrakanta came there.

Iravati said that she knew it that Chandrakanta would come to save Umang. Veer did his magic and caught Chandrakanta. Veer threw Umang into the fire. Iravati tried to kill Chandrakanta with the help of her Maut Ke Saudagars but Dhruv came there and protected Chandrakanta.

He took Chandrakanta with him and disappeared from there. Veer said to Iravati that he would find Surya and Veer. Chandrakanta was unconscious. Dhruv tried to make her conscious but he failed. Dhruv cut his nerve and did veneration of Lord Vishnu. Garud came there.

Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates

Dhruv said to Garud to make Chandrakanta alive. Garud blessed Chandrakanta and she became alive. Dhruv told her that Umang was dead. Chandrakanta started crying. Dhruv said that Umang had sacrificed his life for her mission. He said to her that they would take revenge from Iravati.

Iravati and Gehna came to BhadrMaa. BhadrMaa said to Iravati that she had bad luck now. She said that Chandrakanta would get that Jadui Khanjar. Iravati said that she would do her best and not to get Chandrakanta that Jadui Khanjar.

Veer and his soldiers were in search of Surya and Dhruv. They saw the blood. Maut Ke Saudager came there and told Veer that it was the blood of Dhruv. Veer ordered them to find Surya and Dhruv. Chandrakanta and Dhruv saw Umang. They became surprised because Umang was alive.

Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 21st January 2018 Written Updates

Umang told that after falling into the fire he found himself in a river and came out of the river by swimming. He told them that Veer guided him and saved him. But they did not believe him. Umang, Chandrakanta, and Dhruv were running. Maut Ke Saudagar came there.

Dhruv started fighting with them. But Veer came there. He attacked Maut Ke Saudagars and protected Chandrakanta and Dhruv from them. Iravati and Gehna also came there. She ordered her soldiers to catch Chandrakanta. Veer took Chandrakanta on his horse and ran from there.

Iravati punished her soldiers as they did not be able to catch Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta was happy because Veer was with her. She asked him how this happened as he was in control of Iravati. He said that he would tell her later about it. He said her to hide.

Will Chandrakanta be able to find Jadui Khanjar?

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