College Writing Assignment Format: Types and Specifications

College Writing Assignment Format: Types and Specifications

If you worry about the assignments while studying at college, and you would like to be in the company of a professional who can explain all those issues, the article on our website is the right source for you. After reading it, you will not only know the types of assignments you can face in college but also get some tips on how to write them with proper quality, as a top academic writer.


The main and wide type of academic assignment which you can face in the USA colleges is essays in general. If your teacher did not provide any specific instruction or did not say that a format is free, then it is highly likely that you are expected to write a classic essay.

How should you write an English essay? It is simple. Remember, this type has only three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you write about the importance of your topic and provide a thesis statement (we will observe this important part below). In the body, you provide all your arguments. In the conclusion, you emphasize your main idea once more and can say a few words about the importance of your topic in the wider context.

The very important part of the paper is the thesis statement. Briefly, it is the main idea of the whole essay. You must provide it in the last sentence of the introduction (or a few last sentences if your paper is very-very large). The perfect thesis statement must consist of a brief representation of your main arguments and conclusion. You could tear it apart, and each of them will manage one paragraph in your paper.

It can be a good idea to clarify with your teacher if it is allowed to use the first person in your paper. According to the strict academic rules, classical essays imply objective view and third person, but there always can be an exception.

Reflection Essay

The exception of using the third person in the papers often is a reflection essay. As you can see from its name, such assignments require you to share your experience and ideas after becoming familiar with something.

Writing such papers from scratch, many college students often become confused and start simply retelling the plot of the text, the course of events, or the formal part of anything else they must reflect on. We want to help you avoid such a common mistake and create an original and properly written reflection.

First, make yourself free from the attention of the whole text, even, or whatever you must reflect on. Focus on the thing that attracted your attention. Maybe some facts or details were very new for you. Or, in contrast, you already know some fact or previously met the same or similar detail somewhere. Pay attention to why something was important or close to you. Also, you can try to make a relation between the object of reflection and some materials of your class. 

Even though reflection essays most often belong to creative writing, the high-quality paper still requires following the classical order with introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Argumentative Essay

As you can see, in the name of this type of paper is hiding an argument, and what for we are using arguments? To convince other people, of course! The argumentative essay must have a classical structure, but it is one important difference that it has with the common paper.

The essay that students write most often has a plain structure of providing several arguments one by one to support the main idea. In the argumentative essay, you can show the arguments of the opposite sides.

In any dispute, the compromise can be the best decision. You can use this simple idea to structure your essay. First, you can provide the arguments of one side. Then you can represent in the text the view of the opposite side. In the end, you can show the golden middle between those two views and convince the reader that the last idea is the best compromise between extremes. 

If you do not know how to write an argumentative essay or any other kind of essay, and online guides don’t make the case better, you can use the assistance of CustomWritings assignment writing service with real experts. Such companies have a state of qualified writers, who can help any customer by providing personalized, custom examples of the paper. The expert help of such a service will definitely make the process of writing your further works much easier. 

Annotated Bibliography

This type of work seems to be one of the easiest ones. All you have to do is collect the required number of sources and make annotations for them. Or, to put it more simply, write what the book or article is about.

We want to warn you from making this work in a lazy way. Of course, it is not difficult to find some sources related to the topic with the internet services. If they are articles, you might not even read the whole of them and only use the abstracts. But this is a cheap way that will not help you get good marks and might become a problem in the future.

Why is it so? The annotated bibliography is often one of the first steps your teacher provides you before starting working on research in which you will have to use the sources you found and provided in the annotated bibliography. What is more, in the instructions to the bibliography essay, it is a common item to note in the annotation how exactly the source is related to the topic you are going to study.

Hence, writing a good annotated bibliography is the way to make your life easier in the future. Yes, you will spend a little more time choosing sources and considering them in detail, but with this, you buy more time and less effort for future you, who will simply use the sources in the next assignment.

Literature Review

This assignment is similar to the annotated bibliography but a little more difficult. In the annotated bibliography, you should find sources and describe them and their relation to your topic. In the literature review, you have to become familiar with the sources and structurize them.

Literature reviews are papers in which you do not pay attention to the separated sources, as in the annotated bibliographies, but require the attention to ideas that different authors manifest in their works. You have to read several articles or even books and define in which sources the authors have similar thoughts to structure your paper accordingly.

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