Dance Plus Season 4 3rd November 2018 Preview: A big surprise this Diwali!

Dance Plus Season 4 3rd November 2018 Preview: The coming Saturday will be marked as one of the most roasting episodes of the show. This is so because the contestants will be judged on the basis of Grand premier week and some of them will be eliminated. Is there any special this Diwali in the show? Yes, you are thinking right, this week will be Diwali special but the tough competitors will be there for the contestants.

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There will be an open competition between the top 12 ones. They have to show some Plus in their performances to survive on the show until the end. That means that each and every performance of the contestants must have some Plus factor to be in the show.

Dance Plus Season 4 3rd November 2018 Preview

Not only the contestants, but the captains also have to work hard in their choreography to show some uniqueness on the stage. The face to face competition is expected in the coming episode and the best performer will be awarded with a nod and Plus from the Dance master Remo and he will be all set to continue the show.

Dance Plus Season 4 3rd November 2018 Preview

At this time of the show, the captains are more tensed than the contestants. A big challenge is in front of them. And all of the above audience will love the way the show is going and is going to be very entertaining because of the atmosphere of Diwali festival all around.

Remo will be saying,

Aaplog ne to stage mei hi Diwali dikha diya hai aaj stage pe

Dance Plus Season 4 3rd November 2018 Preview

Hooting will be heard from the side of Shakti. While Puneet and Dharmesh will have happy and satisfying faces with the performances on the stage. Well, there is a whole lot more to see. Big surprises will be there in the episode. So, what’s your favourite team? Who will win the hearts of judges? Let us know in the comments below.

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