David W. Nagy Obituary dies at the age of 79, family blames ‘Trump’: Read to know the death cause

David W. Nagy Obituary dies at the age of 79: Read to know the death cause

David W. Nagy passed away at the age of 79 on July 22, 2020. He was in the ICU at Christus Good Shepherd Hospital, Longview, Texas. He was fighting against the COVID-19 without any support from the family as family members were not allowed to be with him because of the virus.

Maury Brown shared the picture from a newspaper on Twitter on August 3, 2020. Here is the tweet:

Mr. Nagy had a big family with wife Stacey and five children Heath, Stephanie, Heather, David, and Vikki. Apart from them he also had grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and a whole bunch of supporting friends.

Now, David’s family members are blaming Trump for David and various other people who are losing lives because of the virus. If Trump and other politicians have taken the pandemic seriously then these many lives will be alive says the family.

They have also blamed those people who are not following the guidelines given by the doctors to control the spread of coronavirus. The family said those people believe that it is their “right” to decide whether to wear a mask or not. In a statement, the family also revealed that David did everything necessary to stay safe from the virus.


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  1. How about blaming China ?!?!
    The CDC. The WHO. All the politicians not just President Trump. And maybe if he was healthier he might’ve survived
    Can you say population control


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