Who is Dr. Stella Immanuel? MD, Houston Doctor Promising HCQS is the Treatment for Coronavirus Fact Check

MD Dr Stella Immanuel Houston TX COVID HCQS Wiki Bio Medical History
MD Dr Stella Immanuel Houston TX COVID HCQS Wiki Bio Medical History, Dr. Stella America's Frontline Doctors

America’s Frontline Doctors association held a press conference “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill on July 27 to talk about the current situation of the coronavirus in the United States and the misinformation being spread regarding the same. Check who is Dr Stella Immanuel COVID-19, Wiki, Bio, HCQS claim, fact check, etc.

Out of all the doctors, Dr. Stella Immanuel COVID-19 controversial statement on Hydrochroloquine being the actual treatment for the virus has gone viral on social media platforms. A video posted on Facebook received 14 million hits in just 6 hours.

Dr. Immanuel, Dr. Bob Hamilton, Dr. Dan Erickson, and other frontline physicians expressed their views on how the government and media are terrorizing citizens of the Chinese coronavirus disease.

Who is Dr. Stella Immanuel? MD Houston, Texas, Wiki & Bio, Age, DOB, Medical Details

On Twitter, Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel lists herself as a “Physician, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Deliverance Minister, God’s battle axe and weapon of war. Rehoboth Medical Center, Houston, TX. Fire Power Ministries.” Her last name is Immanuel & not Stella Emmanuel.

MD Dr Stella Immanuel Houston TX COVID HCQS Wiki Bio Medical History
MD Dr Stella Immanuel Houston TX COVID HCQS Wiki Bio, Medical History, Doctor. America’s Frontline Doctors, Snopes, Stella Emmanuel

According to her statement in the summit, she studied in a medical school in Nigeria, West Africa, and treated malaria patients with HCQS.

Her Facebook accounts state that Doctor Stella Emmanuel works as a pediatrician in Houston, Texas, at Rehoboth Medical Center, Louisiana. The platform has deleted her profile amid the controversy. She tweeted if Facebook does not get her page back live, “FB will be down in Jesus name.”

She has published three books on Amazon. The books are:-

  • Sustained Fire Until They’re Consumed ($4.99)
  • The Proverbs 31 Men: The Man At The Gate ($8.0)
  • Jesus Help The Church Has Been Caged ($8.0)

Dr. Immanuel Practice Duration – 24 Years. However, she is not listed in the speakers’ page on America’s Frontline Doctors official website. One interesting fact we found out is that the AFD’s official website americasfrontlinedoctors.com (currently offline due to heavy traffic) was registered only 12 days ago.

Dr Stella Immanuel Houston Texas Education

According to the Texas Medical Board, Dr Stella Immanuel was born in 1965 and studied in UNIV OF CALABAR, COLL OF MED SCI, CALABAR, CROSS RIVER, NIGERIA. She graduated from college in 1990 with a medical practitioner degree.

She completed her MD from Graduate Medical Education In The United States Or Canada.
Program Name: PEDIATRICS (1995-98).

Dr Stella Immanuel COVID HCQS MD Houstan Texas Wiki, Bio, DOB, Education
Dr Stella Immanuel COVID HCQS MD Houstan Texas Wiki, Bio, DOB, Education,
Dr Immanuel Practice Experience & MD Degree Details
Dr Immanuel Practice Experience & MD Degree Details, Doctor Stella Emmanuel TX Record

Dr Stella Immanuel COVID-19 Hydroxychloroquine (HCQS) Statement in Press Conference

During the summit, Immanuel made some controversial claims regarding the medication Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19. Since its inception, the salt has been proven beneficial in treating malaria, caused by a parasite.

Dr. Stella Houston, TX statement, “I personally treated over 350 patients with COVID-19. Patients who have diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, old people – my oldest patient is 92.” Shedding details on her procedural treatment, “I put them on HCQS, Zinc, and Zithromax, and they are all well.”

Watch: America’s Frontline Doctors “White Coat Summit” VIDEO

Then she made the wild claim that “I have not lost one patient. Fake studies and fake pharma companies say it doesn’t work. Nobody needs to die from this virus. It has a cure, and it is called hydroxychloroquine.” She added, “You don’t need a mask, and you don’t need people to be locked down.”

Watch the Dr. Immanuel HCQS COVID-19 summit video – Nobody Needs To Die, This Virus Has A Cure.

UPDATE: Stella’s video has been deleted from all the platforms – YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Are Dr Stella Immanuel’s HCQS COVID-19 Claims True?

At 1:30, she talks about a study performed by NIH (National Institute of Health) on a COVID positive patient presenting Hiccups as a symptom. It is true, NIH doctors gave hydroxychloroquine to the 62-year-old patient “with a past medical history of diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease,” and he was discharged after three days.

At 3:00, Dr. Stella COVID talks about masks, which are still a subject of confusion. CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) said that marks are efficient in preventing the spread of coronavirus. They encouraged masses to wear cloth masks as N95s, and surgical masks are available in a short amount.

However, some doctors from France found out that 30% of air travels from the sides of surgical masks and cloth masks only impede 2% of the airflow. Read the entire story here.

MD TX Dr. Stella Immanuel COVID & Hydroxychloroquine Statement Fact Check

The World Health of Organization (WHO) has discontinued HCQS trials into treating COVID-19 after initial results produced little or no reduction in the mortality rate of the corona positive patients compared to standard of care.

Immanuel claimed that all the frontline workers, authority officials, and politicians are taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. She posted a video on Twitter demanding the CNN representatives and Dr Anthony Fauci, an American physician and immunologist, to consider taking a urine test to prove he is not taking HCQS.

President Trump has acknowledged the fact that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. And he a similar statement to Stella Immanuel COVID said, “You look at doctors and nurses. A lot of them are taking it as a preventative.”

A study published in The Atlanta in April reported that French doctors had documented a trial case to check if HCQS works with COVID-19 patients or not. The team combined hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and tested the combination on six patients. All of them tested negative for the virus after six days of this regimen.

Dr Fauci called the study “anecdotal.”

The government is currently experimenting with the combined medication of Azithromycin + Zinc Sulfate + Hydroxychloroquine. The original completion date given on the website is September 2020, check it here.

FDA’s Take on Hydroxychloroquine

The US Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) tests and approves drugs for public use after clinical trials have proven beneficial in the treatment of a disease.

On July 1, FDA discontinued the trials of Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine after the medication posed serious illness threats to the patients. “This includes reports of serious heart rhythm problems and other safety issues, including blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and liver problems and failure,” the official website reported.

The Public’s reaction to Stella Immanuel COVID & HCQS claims are mixed. The controversy has given rise to many conspiracies suggesting the left-wing members are not releasing accurate details on the effectiveness of HCQS in COVID patients. Keeping secrets is just another play for them to bring the economy down so that President Trump does not win the elections again.

A few people have supported Immanuel’s HCQS facts on COVID-19 and applauded her for speaking up. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch tweeted the following:

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on HCQS & Dr Stella Immanuel/Emmanuel COVID-19.

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  1. Any way you could research the credibility of any of the other doctors at the “summit”? There was a list of all speakers on a schedule at http://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com . The site expired earlier this morning. As did three of Dr.Stella’s web sites. There was a firepowerministries.org , a dr.stella.org or drstella.org and the Rehobost Medical Center site. All are now expired or missing.


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