America’s Frontline Doctors Summit: SCOTUS Press Conference Dismisses Fears of COVID-19

America Frontline Doctors COVID-19 SCOTUS Press Conference
America Frontline Doctors COVID-19 SCOTUS Press Conference, Frontline Physician

America’s Frontline Doctors spoke on the coronavirus pandemic in front of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) during a press conference held on July 27th, 2020. Dr. Bob Hamilton, Dr. Dan Erickson, and Dr. Stella Immanuel expressed their views on the COVID-19 pandemic in the “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill.

The frontline physicians discarded some of the claims and fears spreading about the Chinese born virus. Dr. Erickson said, “99.8 percent of people get through this with little to no progressive or significant disease.”

In addition, he mentioned the rising number of cases in the US has paved a way for undue fear in people’s minds. He blamed media personalities and authorities for blowing coronavirus disease out of proportion by calling it a deadly or lethal disease. Watch the entire America Frontline Doctors on COVID-19 Press Conference and fact check snopes below.

Dr. Erickson said, “a case is a person, healthy, that tested positive.” But the causes are presented in such a fashion that people think, “Oh my goodness. These are sick people!” He added that the vast majority of people get through the disease with little to no progressive disease.

WATCH: American Frontline Doctors SOCUS Summit Press Conference

America Frontline Doctors – Who Are They?

The America Frontline Doctors association comprises of various highly-skilled doctors who are fighting to save the patients diagnosed with COVID0-19, putting their own lives in danger to save the nation from crumbling down.

Two sessions of America’s Frontline Doctors Summit were held in front of the Supreme Court on July 27. The motive was to make people aware of the current situation of the coronavirus in the United States and to remove the terror of it from the masses.

Dr. Stella Immanuel on COVID-19

Dr. Stella Immanuel is an African-American doctor who graduated from a medical school in Nigeria, West Africa. She treated malaria patients earlier in Africa and is currently treating COVID-19 patients in the United States.

America Frontline Doctors COVID-19 SCOTUS Press Conference
America Frontline Doctors COVID-19 SCOTUS Press Conference, Frontline Physician Snopes

Dr. Immnauel made claims that she has treated “350 patients, some with Diabetes and Blood Pressure.” And the doctor managed to save all of them with the combination of medicine Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Zithromax.

Dr. Bob Hamilton on COVID-19

Dr. Bob talked on the topic of the re-opening of schools in the US. He said, “I do think that as a general comment, a general rule through the country, kids can go back to school.”

He said, “Sure. Yeah, this is a big issue because people are afraid not that their children are going to get particularly ill because I think they’re learning the truth is that this infection is being tolerated well by children.”

He concluded the America Frontline Doctor’s SCOTUS Press Conference by saying that children can go to school and “they are not the ones passing on the disease to adults.”

Dr. Dan Erickson in American Frontline Doctor’s Summit

Dr. Dan said he wanted to “give reality to the situation on the ground and sort of help dispel some fear that people have had.” He mostly talked about the psychological aspect that coronavirus is presenting to the masses.

According to Breitbart’s report on American Doctors on COVID-19, he said, “This is the first time I’ve seen quarantine healthy. I don’t know if you guys think that’s normal. I find that very strange.”

He slammed the politicians for doing “lockdown” nationwide, as it increased “Anxiety hotline calls up 1000 percent. Child Abuse cases increased. Financially, emotional distress, Suicide, Alcohol,” etc.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Frontline Doctor’s views on COVID-19 and Snopes is yet to release a statement.

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  1. How can the “average” person who loves this country with my whole heart and is seeing/hearing more bad than than good. I am grateful for the video shared on fb that introduced your great works! I need a platform to speak on truths and believe I’ve found it in all of the Frontline Doctors!! THANK YOU Courier for publishing truth!

  2. We all know the numbers are inflated and its not this deadly disease for everybody and now they are lying again and shutting down the economy and they are being allowed to do it. I do not understand why people believe their fear mongering and lies.


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