Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Spoilers, Release Date, Promo: The Rise of Righteous Toppo

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Spoilers, Release Date, Promo: DragonBallSuper is a Japanese animated series which is currently on air and produced by Toei Animation which premiered on July 5, 2015. After 18 years, this was the only series featuring new storyline.

It is the sequel of previous series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The broadcast time of the series is 9:00 am on Fuji TV. It is written by Akira Toriyama and produced by Osamu Nozaki. The series includes Goku, who fights with God of destruction (a powerful supernatural being) and he is very eager to defeat him as he wants to get the prophecy.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Spoilers, Release Date, Promo

The spoilers of ep 82 are already out. This segment will be premiered under the title “The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In.” This episode will air on March 19. Unfortunately, the synopsis of this segment isn’t released yet, but fans are so eager to know what will be happening in this ep.

But fans have to settle with the fact which can be discovered from the teaser of segment 82 that this episode is going to revolve around Toppo. It can be recalled from episode 79 that Toppo possess great power and had displayed them. Topo is the God of Destruction, has great power to bend Basil’s attack.  It will be interesting to know how Toppo will continue destructions in universal Survival Arc.

DBS Episode 82
DBS Episode 82

Toppo will be the leader of the team “The Pride Troopers” from Universe 11, and he is a very powerful leader. And it is predictable that Toppo will be the next in line to become the next God of Destruction. Goku will be seen making a very dreadful choice between choosing to fight against them in the battle or saving the DragonBall Multiverse.

In the future episodes, there will be a chance of Goku recruiting the team for Universe 7. The segment will be followed by Episode 83 titled “Forming The Universe 7 Recruiting Team” which will be aired on March 26.

The wait will be there to see how the righteous Toppo will save Goku from Bergamo.

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