Drifters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Anime Plot and Everything So Far About the Series

Drifters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Anime News and Updates
Drifters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Anime News and Updates

Drifters a Japanese action fantasy anime was released in 2016 and was instantly loved by every anime lover. The show brings a few of the legendary real-life people into the show fighting a new battle to protect the world.

This show is an anime adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. Fans have been waiting for Drifters season two ever since the first season came out in 2016. Let’s find out if there is going to be another season for the show?

What is the plot of Drifters?

The series follows Drifters who are trying to defeat the Ends. In the modern age, a group of warriors known as Ends is fighting to take over the world. On their command creatures like giants and dragons start causing destruction. 

It is broadly based on historic events. Following a warrior from the Battle of Sekigahara named as Shimazu Toyohisa. Shimazu kills Li Naomasa in the battle. However, while protecting his troops he gets critically injured. He tries to run from the field wounded but ends up being transported to a modern-day corridor.

He finds himself in front of numerous doors. A stoic man Murasaki approaches Shimazu and leads him towards the nearest door. When Shimazu wakes up he finds himself in a different world filled with strange beasts and people. He finds some other warriors from different eras where they are thought to be dead.

He has a hard time understanding this new world he is in. He becomes friends with a legendary warlord Nobunaga Oda and an ancient, honored archer Yoichi Suketaka Nasu. With the help of them, Shimazu starts understanding that political unrest is being spread in the continent.

He and the other warriors are sent to this world to be a part of Drifters. Drifters must ensure that there are peace and order in the world. 

Who is in the cast of Drifters season 2?

The voiceover artists of the main characters in the Japanese version are Yuuichi Nakamura as Shimazu Toyohisa, Naoya Uchida as Nobunaga Oda, and Mitsuki Saiga as Yoichi Suketaka Nasu.

In the English version, the voiceover artists of the main characters are Josh Grelle as Shimazu Toyohisa, Robert McCollum as Nobunaga Oda, and Justin Briner as Yoichi Suketaka Nasu.

Main Characters Based On Real Life People

The main characters of the show have been picked from the real-life people from Japan’s history. 

Shimazu Toyohisa was a samurai for the Shimazu clan in Japan. He died in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. In the show, he gets transported to the modern world after being wounded critically in the battle. (check: ‘Taboo’ Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast and Everything You Need To Know.)

Nobunaga Oda was a powerful Japanese warlord. He was in power in the late sixteenth century. He is one of the three unifiers of Japan. He was also infamous for the brutal suppression of his rivals. He conquered most of Japan in the late Sengoku period. He was the first Japanese Commander to use arquebuses and that is why in the show he is seen using arquebuses. He becomes the first friend of Shimazu in the show.

Yoichi Suketaka Nasu is a samurai who fought alongside the Minamoto clan in Genpai War from 1180-85. Yoichi is mainly known for his courageous act in the Battle of Yashima. He is shown as a skilled archer. He is extremely proficient at taking down many enemies at once. (check: ‘Made in Abyss’ Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: When will the new series premiere?.)

Apart from these main characters, there are many other historical characters on the show like Hannibal Barca who was a Carthaginian military commander, Scipio Africanus who was a Roman adversary, Butch Cassidy who is the famous Western Outlaws and the Sundance kid, Naoshi Kanno who was a World War II fighter pilot and Tamon Yamaguchi from the Imperial Japanese Navy.

When will Drifters season 2 release? Premiere Date

Season one came in 2016 and when the show concluded a message at the end of the show was displayed which said, “To be continued the Second Season. See you again. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara.” However, after this, no official news was made.

There were a few special episodes that came out after the release of the first season but no news came for the second season. We are hoping that the second season comes out as soon as possible. We are hopeful that season two will come out in 2021.

Is there any trailer for Drifters season 2?

As of now since no news has been out regarding the release of the show we will have to wait for further announcements. However, if there is a possibility of the show coming out in 2021, we may see it a few months before the release.

How many episodes are there in Drifters season 2?

Since season one of Drifters had fifteen episodes, we are hoping there will be at least 10-15 episodes in Drifters season two as well. The runtime will likely be around 24 minutes.

You can stream the English version of the show on Hulu, Funimation, or Amazon Prime.

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