Earthquake 2.0 in Delhi: The second day of shaking

Earthquake 2.0 in Delhi: The second day of shaking

The National Capital of India got second earthquake consequentially. The Sunday reported to have 3.5 magnitude of quake. And now, once again 2.7 magnitude. Though the intensity was low and there are no damages reported in the region.

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People are already in fear because of the coronavirus pandemic and now the quake created more panic. But there is no need to worry about such earthquakes, they hardly damages the modern world.

Earthquake 2.0 in Delhi: The second day of shaking

India has been divided into four zones and the Delhi regions falls in zone 4. The quakes are natural and happens several times in a year. Today, a 5.2 magnitude has been recorded in a region of Russia.

Maybe due to this some shaking also experienced in Delhi. On Sunday, a 6.1 magnitude of earthquake jolted Amsterdam Island which once again maybe the reason for experiencing the same in the national capital region.

Delhi falls in the zone 4 in India which means that it can experience an earthquake up to 7.9 magnitude. But this type of intensity only reported to have once in 5 to 10 years of time.

When we compare the Zone 4 with others. Then the Zone 5 is most sensitive while Zone 2 is the least one. Zone 2 maybe the safest place in India in terms of earthquakes.

The Zone 4 covers various region of the country which includes Delhi, NCR, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Proper safety measures should be taken whenever an earthquake is felt, It is good to leave house or the building immediately. And in addition, the lockdown is there in the whole nation then people should obey the social distancing while leaving their house. Follow all of the precautions to stay safe during this tough times.

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