Eden’s Zero Chapter 6 Release Date: Spoilers and everything you need to know

Eden’s Zero Chapter 6 Release Date: Eden Zero, in chapter 5 we had a narrator which was a new character to that chapter. She narrates that she wasn’t worried about the 50 years time skip, as in her storytime doesn’t play an important role. She also introduces us to some of the new unknown backstories of the characters.

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So let us begin this chapter from where we left it last time. Along with the others, Shiki realizes that they are in the past and they are left behind in the past by 50 years. They came to know this when they see the shooting star. And at last, we saw professor Weisz along with his suitcase by saying that he is going to protect it along with his life. We will find it in this episode that what was in his suitcase.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 6 Release Date and Spoilers

In this chapter, you will gonna see that this time Eden’s Zero manga is even playing with time. So, this time it’s gonna be very interesting and different with lots of thrill and excitement. Also this time you all will came to know that what was in the suitcase of Professor Weisz which he was trying to protect. Maybe it was something regarding the survival of the planet.

Eden's Zero Chapter 6 Release Date, Spoilers

There are a lot of chances that maybe it contains the same perspective of having a Happy’s life which allowed her to live as a robot. There are many rumours regarding this chapter that may be it contains time-travelling device in it. Surely this time it will gonna be more amazing and we will have to wait to see what’s in it.

This chapter gonna be released on the first day of August, 01 August 2018. You can catch this episode on various unofficial sites, but in order to support anime and manga community please support the official release by waiting for the official release.

So, let’s make a guess, what was in the case of Professor Weisz that he was protecting from everyone. Comments your opinion in the comment section below and let see who,s gonna Win.

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