Emiway vs Divine Diss Fight/Feud In Detail: Gully Ka Kutta vs Chaabi Wala Bandar

Divine vs Emiway

Emiway, also known as Bantai, is a rapper & songwriter from Mumbai. He rose to fame from his songs Machayenge and its sequel Firse Machayenge both of which have garnered over 100 Million views on YouTube. He is also known for ‘Asli Hip Hop’ song from ‘Gully Boy’, a movie based on the life of Gully Gang leader Divine. Read to find out how Emiway vs Divine fight began.

Vivian Fernandez, known by as stage name ‘Divine’ is believed to have started the underground Hip Hop scene in India. It all started in Mumbai where all these rappers belong from. Divine started the ‘Gully Gang’, a group featuring all the best underground rappers and Emiway Bantai was once a part of it. The difference in ideologies and perspectives led to the fued, Divine vs Emiway.

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Divine’s rapping leaves everyone breathless for a moment, he drops albums and songs which are based on the hardships he had to face to become the star he is known today. And that solely is the reason why Bollywood decided to make a biography on him ‘Gully Boy’ which starred Ranveer Singh as the lead actor as Divine.

Ranveer Singh and Divine

What is a Diss Track?

Diss is a slang term and its actual meaning is ‘to speak disrespectfully to or criticize’. Diss song is an explicit song which contains harsh words (sometime abusive language) to criticize and speak disrespectfully of a person or organization.

Diss tracks are favorite of rappers in the Hip Hop industry be it any culture (Western or Indian). Usually diss tracks are made when rappers get into a fight over their perspective and fame of other artists. The current trending diss tracks are Chabbi Wala Bandar, Gully ka Kutta and Sach Bol Patta. Gully Gang Divine vs Emiway Bantai.

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The dissing culture started back in 2018 when Emiway released a song titled ‘Samajh Me Aaya Kya’ (111 Million views) and dissed Raftar for not giving budding rappers a helping hand or guide them rightly. Raftaar said in an interview that Emiway is not earning and he doesn’t even own shoes and he is thinking of building an empire of his own. To which Bantai said “Mai Janta Kamaya” that ‘I have earned people’ in reply.

Raftaar vs Emiway
Emiway vs Raftaar

He also dissed MC Stan calling him a Kulfi Rapper. Divine also received some hatred words in this song.

Raftaar dissed him back in his ‘Sheikh Chilli Song which has 96 Million views on YouTube as of right now. This feud lasted over for a month until the matter got cooled down when both of them thought its time to make some songs for the fans and entertain them too rather than fighting with each other.

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Kr$na, a budding rapper, also targeted Bantai in his song and its beats were produced by Raftaar.

Emiway vs Divine

The temperature in the Hip Hop culture rose when Divine said, during an online live session with his fans on Instagram, that few people in the industry are boasting about their views on YouTube (indirectly mentioning Emiway). Divine told that his latest album has 80 Million streams over the music streaming platforms. He said that YouTube views are false to check an artists’s credibility. He said the views can be tampered with the promotions and by illegal means.

Divine vs Emiway

Late in the live interaction, he mentioned Emiway by saying that he is an YouTubeer not an artist. He only cares for his views and thinks he has become the best in the industry by having a huge fan base. This statement is where Divine vs Emiway feud or dissing started.

In the next two days, Emiway released a track titled “Hard” targeting Divine for his falsified accusations thrown at him. In the track Bantai says that “Machyanege has 110 Million streams on YouTube and it a dream for for you on audio platforms”. Adding to that he said Divine should focus on his fans rather than dissing others.

The next thing we know is the Divie vs Emiway Diss has started. On the next night, the Gully Gang leader drops a song titled ‘Chabbi Wala Bandar’ in which he said “I listened to his lyrics, he seems too funny; He is way behind to become a rapper” translated in hindi – “Sune Iske Lyrics, Lagta Boht Funny,; Rapper Ban Ne Me Isme Boht Kami”.

Few days later Divine drops another song to add to Divine vs Emiway Diss. The song is titled “Sach Bol Patta” in which he mentions Bantai as a ‘Bewada Dancer’ or Drunk Dancer. This song uses explicit language and call out him names. He talks about the flaws in the music of Emiway, the lyrics Bantai writes are meaningless with no sense at all.

Emiway Bantai Reply to Divine – Gully Ka Kutta

Emiway Bantai goes all out with his verbals on this one titled ‘Gully Ka Kutta’ meaning stray dog. He uses excessive harsh words to target the Gully Gang leader Divine. He calls him a drunk and says he used to get drunk and give gibberish talks to his gang members. In the end of the Emiway Gully ka Kutta Diss Track, he goes on to say Divine has no 25 Works, referring the popular Divine song ‘Kaam 25’ from Sacred Games.

In this Divine vs Emiway Bantai Diss, Emiway makes use of some popular dialogues from Ghatak movie starring Sunny Deol. It is a well-liked movie for its exhilarating punch lines thrown by Deol. Bantai adds a clip, in the last of Gully ka Kutta, of dialogue “Agr Mard Banna Chahta Hai to In Kutto Ka Sahara Lena Chod De Kaatiya”, aiming for the establishment ‘Gully Gang’.

He also called him a cheater and not giving enough credits to his mentor Gangis Khan to whom Divine has learned the nits and bits of rapping.


Bantai also mentions Hanuman Bhagwan, God of Strength and Power, in Gully Ka Kutta track. And the audience is raging over Emiway for doing such a stunt. It has ignited a war on Twitter among people, even those who don’t listen to his songs are now commenting against him.

Some people got their religious beliefs in the talks and asked Mumbai Police to arrest the Emiway Bantai Rapper.

Divine fans says that it is more of a Sunny Deol song than Emiway himself. And that he defies the sole purpose of diss tracks which is to use one’s creativity and perspective to scorn the leader of Hip Hop industry.

People are majorly supporting Divine as he is considered to be one of the genuine influences in the Hip Hop Industry. And audience’s comments might fuel into the ongoing Emiway vs Divine diss scene. For he has produced some of the best rap songs Kohinoor, Kam 25 and Farak etc.

As an avid listener to Hip Hop songs, I believe there are more tracks to be released by the respective artists. And what more do we need during this lock-down period amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. People got bored and this Divine vs Emiway Diss Feud might relieve some stress and give them some masala to their otherwise boring daily routine.

What would you say, Who is the greatest of them? Who is the best? We would love to listen to your comments.

For more Gully Gang Divine vs Emiway Bantai Dissing Fight, stay tuned with us.

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