“Expose Bill Gates” Trending on Twitter: June 13 is marked as Global Day Of Action For Exposing Bill Gates

On June 13, 2020, suddenly the hashtag, #ExposeBillGates hits the twitter trending section.

As per theconsciousresistance.com, “A non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations and activist groups are calling for a Global Day of Action to #ExposeBillGates and his control agenda.”

They also shared links to “The Bill Gates documentary series” from The Corbett Report and reading saying “The Bill Gates investigation” from The Last American Vagabond.

If you have watched the documentary then you must have figured out why this hashtag is trending. If you haven’t watched then click the play button below.

“Expose Bill Gates” Trending on Twitter

As per some tweets, Bill Gates has committed some crimes against humanity and practicing medicine without having a license.

Another tweet by Emily Von Spears says that seven 7 girls lost their lives from Bill Gates’ “HPV vaxx” while others are sick.

If you have any legit information available in context with #ExposeBillGates then feel free to mail us at “thecourierdaily@gmail.com”

Apart from this, the time when Anonymous revealed information about Jeffrey Epstein, the group named some celebrities linking to him.

Those names include Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, the Kennedy, and Mick Jagger.

There is not enough legit information available right now, we will update it as soon as we got it.

Note: the story is being developed, so, stay tuned with TheCourierDaily (TCD!) for more news.

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