The First Day of Summer 2020 Captions For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

First Day of Summer Captions Instagram Facebook Twitter
First Day of Summer Captions Instagram Facebook Twitter

It’s finally here, The First Day of Summer 2020. Its time to get out in the sunshine and take beautiful sun-kissed pics. But wait, do you have The First Day of Summer Captions for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out some cool captions for your cool pics.

Each year, June 20 – June 22 marks the beginning of Summer Solstice, also known as Mid-Summer, First Day of Summer, June Solstice, and Longest Day of The Year.

Happy First Day of Summer 2020: Summer Solstice

This year, June 21 will be the longest day of the year providing us with a continuous 15 to 16 hours of sunshine out of 24 hours. The time will vary depending on your location, the duration of sunshine will be longer in areas closer to the Horizon and lesser as you move farther apart towards the North/South Pole.

First Day of Summer Captions Instagram Facebook Twitter
First Day of Summer Captions Instagram Facebook Twitter

It is the perfect time to go out in the sun, flaunt your body, and take lots of pics. Make the most out of your day by posting amazing ‘The First Day of Summer Instagram Captions’ for your Instagram photos and kick-off the day in an amazing spirit. First Day of Summer Captions.

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Celebrate The First Day of Summer 2020 In Style: Ideas For Posts

As we all are aware of the current situation, we are surrounded by two PPs: Pandemic & Protests. However, you should not let this amazing moment pass by without doing some exciting stuff.

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If you work in an office, try to leave early from the workplace. And if you are working from home, shut-down your laptop, do a little stretching, and step out in the Sun. If possible, gather one or two of your friends and some booze. Barbecue will act as cheery on top.

To celebrate the first day of summer 2020 soberly, step out with your girlfriend or family members to nearby restaurants and have a delicious evening meal. Afterward, go for a walk on the longest day of the year and make it memorable as it only comes around once a year.

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First Day of Summer Captions For Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Doesn’t matter where you are or where you will be during the Summer Solstice, always keep your smartphone or camera close by to take those orange-skies pics and capture the Sun which will appear the biggest than it will ever during the entire year.

If you the adventure kind then visit your nearest beaches, soak in the heat, and bathe in the ocean waters. Amazing feeling! Make some boomerangs, stories, and snaps to celebrate the wonderful day. But do not forget to mention these First Day of Summer Captions Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.

First Day of Summer Instagram Captions

  1. Less Monday, more summer, please.
  2. Girls just wanna have sun!
  3. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that’s basically the same thing.
  4. Summer should get a speeding ticket.
  5. Nothing but blue skies.
  6. Good times and tan lines.
  7. Happier than a seagull with a French fry! *insert french fry emoji*
  8. Pool hair, don’t care.
  9. “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.”
  10. “Hello summer, I’ve been waiting for you.”
  11. “One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” -Jeannette Walls
  12. “Sun’s out, buns out.”

Add Little ‘Lockdown’ Fun In the First Day of Summer Captions Instagram

  1. The only nation I’m visiting this summer is imagination.
  2. Summer is a state of mind.
  3. If you need me, I’ll be by the pool, quaran-tini in hand.
  4. Adventure is calling, but I can’t come to the phone right now.
  5. Working from home isn’t so bad when you can sunbathe on your lunch break.
  6. This summer, everything is “BYOS” — bring your own sanitizer.

Summer Beach Instagram Captions

  1. High tides and good vibes
  2. Don’t worry, beach happy *insert wave emoticon*
  3. Anchors away! *insert anchor emoticon*
  4. Life’s a beach!
  5. Happy first day of Summer!
  6. Time to seas the day.
  7. #restingbeachface
  8. Sea & Sun
  9. Sunshine on my mind love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket

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