Netflix’s Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date, Contestants, Plot, Trailer, Prize And Everything Else To Know So Far

Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date, Contestants, Plot, Trailer, Prize
Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date, Contestants, Plot, Trailer, Prize

As kids, we played an exciting game where we pretended that the floor is lava, whoever touched the floor lost the game. Jumping from furniture to furniture was what we did, Netflix brought this concept to life and produced a show out of it. We all love reality shows but getting a show that hits the nostalgia has to be our favorite.

The show came out on the 19th of June 2020 and became the number one show on Netflix replacing Thirteen Reasons Why. The first season just concluded, and many can’t stop watching it. Fans are curious to find out if Netflix is bringing the show back with another season. Let’s get into the details and find out if there is going to be another season.

What is the plot of Floor Is Lava?

‘Floor is Lava’ is based on the game we used to play as kids. The participants have to hop on the blocks and avoid the lava, which is mostly a mixture of water and red color to win the game. If you fall down the game is over. It is hosted by Rutledge Wood a raving analyst well known from the show Top Gear. It features three teams who compete against each other for a cash prize of $10,000.

There have been many questions that the audience has been asking like what is the lava made of? Where do the contestants go once they fall into the lava? It has created a buzz, but the creators of the show have decided to remain tight-lipped about the whole situation.

Some of the participants are good at acting as they have drowned the act performing as if they are dying. Nonetheless, the show has become a good series for the audience to kill their time, especially when many of the viewers are still stuck under lockdown.

Will there be Floor is Lava season 2? Release Date/Premiere

The show has just completed its first season. Usually, a renewal of the show is announced a few months after its release. If the show continues to create a buzz, the show might just come back for another season. Do you think the show will be back with another season? (check: The Outsider season 2.)

How to sign up/participate in Floor is Lava?

The contestant has to be minimum 18 years old, though it has not been confirmed by any official yet. As the team is consists of 3 members, you need to have two people accompanying you. So far the show has not been renewed for another season, so details for registration are not out. Agility, cooperation, route visualization, and upper body strength are the basic requirements a contestant need to possess to cross the obstacles.

Where to watch/stream Floor is Lava online?

The show is available on Netflix. It has one season and consists of ten episodes. (check: Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Anime Plot and All Other Details So Far.)

Show like Floor is Lava

  • Strong: The show revolves around ten women from various backgrounds who go on the journey to improve their mental and physical health. In each episode, we see pair training and competing in different challenges to test their strength. Whoever wins gets to take a cash prize of $500,000.
  • Takeshi’s Castle: Takeshi’s Castle was one of the most-watched shows in the old days. The participant in this show has to go through various rounds of challenges to win. In America, the show was known as MXC aka ‘Most Extreme Elimination Challenge’ Wipeout: Revolved around the contestants running through various obstacles trying to win the competition. In this show, the winner would get a $50,000 prize.
  • The Crystal Maze: Is a British game show where family members compete to win the grand prize of $25,000. Two participants are sent in the Crystal Dome to collect golden tokens. If a team gets up to 100 golden tokens, they win.
  • America Ninja Warrior: Is based on a Japanese game known as Sasuke. Contestants have to go through various challenges that are based in different cities throughout the USA. Whoever wins gets the title of America Ninja Warrior.

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