Gary Wolchesky Death/Decapitated Hoax: NJ Convicted Pedophile Predator Is Alive & Not Dead

Gary Wolchesky Died/Death New Jersey
Gary Wolchesky Died/Death New Jersey Child Sex Predator - Decapitated Body on Doorsteps of Ocala FL Judge

Earlier this year, a New Jersey child sex predator, Gary Wolchesky, sentenced to 46 years in prison has reportedly died in the home state. But, it turned out to be a hoax, a fake news. An appeal had been granted to him for representing that pedophiles are victims of discrimination earlier this year.

In late January 2020, the supreme court accepted his appeal on the basis of constitutional rights and not the defendant’s “unusual strategy”. He had made headlines for advocating pedophiles as a persecuted minority. He must server at-least 32 years in prison before being eligible for a parole.

Gary Wolchesky Death/Died Hoax & Arrest

Arrested in 2009, Gary Wolchesky trial took seven years to enter the court. The 31-year-old is still alive and currently serving the 46-year sentence in prison after being convicted in 2016.

The now-31-year-old Gary Wolchesky was first arrested in 2009 but it took seven years before his trial started.

The court released documents stating that the delay was caused by Gary representing himself and not hiring an attorney. Investigation delay and imposing new charges were considered different reasons for the delay.

Gary Wolchesky Died/Death New Jersey
Gary Wolchesky Died/Death New Jersey Child Sex Predator

The Truth

According to Snopes and Lead Stories, it 2017 when the ‘decapitated corpse story’ was used to create viral and fake news content. That story claimed dead predator to be William Smith. But, there is neither the name of Gary Wolchesky nor does it mention Smith in the adjacent image next to his mugshot.

It looks like a network of fake news sites wanted to create something viral, so they appeared to have created a social media campaign. The original story was posted on a well-known fake website, and the incident took place in Texas rather than Florida.

Gary Wolchesky Crimes/Rap Sheet

Wolchesky was accused of requesting sexually explicit content from boys ranging from 10 to 15 years and send them similar content. He later pleaded guilty to the charges and the court convicted him for 46 years in prison.

In his defense, Gary stated that “pedophiles are a persecuted minority and that the New Jersy Code of Criminal Justice wrongfully makes this conduct a crime.”

In addition, he added that he did not commit any crime as the boys sent the photos and videos on their consent.

Gary Wolchesky testified in front of the jury and four victims took the stand.

Rejecting his appeals, jury convicted him in 2016 of “first-degree aggravated sexual assault,” according to The jury sentenced him in 2017 to 46 years in prison.

Gary Wolchesky Death Cause & Reason Rumor

Gary’s has not died, the rumor stated he had been found decapitated. We have requested the officials and NJ prison to release a statement. Stay tuned to get the updated news.

He posted pedophilia news on YouTube and the authorities later investigated. He later affirmed to have found a 10 year “just so hot” that discussed the topic with him directly on Xbox.

Officials later linked him to five cases plus thousands of child sexual exploitation.

Wolchesky’s friends and family were dishearted to hear the fake news of their loved one. People have paid respects to the star on social media.

Stau tuned with TCD for more updates on Gary.

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