Justin Bieber ‘Yummy’ Pizzagate: Conspiracy Theorists Think Singer Secretly Confirmed Being A Victim Of Child Trafficking [Video]

Justin Bieber 'Yummy' Pizzagate: Conspiracy Theorists Think Singer Secretly Confirmed Being A Victim [Video]
Justin Bieber 'Yummy' Pizzagate: Conspiracy Theorists Think Singer Secretly Confirmed Being A Victim [Video]

Justin Bieber has once again come into the headlines after a recent Instagram live. The conspiracy theorists claim that the singer has secretly confirmed himself as a victim of child sex trafficking. Recently, he had posted a live stream video on Instagram.

During that live video, one of the fans/followers asked the pop star to touch his hat if he had been a victim of the pizzagate. In the same, Bieber touched his hat, but didn’t say anything. The theorists are now claiming that the star has sent a secret signal to viewers.

They are considering it to be his submission to the question asked. According to a Twitter account affiliated with the QAnon conspiracy said that the Canadian singer secretly confirmed to a commenter. The commenter had asked him if there is any truth in the stories linked to his Yummy music videos.

Those so-called ‘stories’ are actually the reference to a popular conspiracy that allegedly connects Bieber and his videos to child trafficking and pedophilia.

The original live stream video features the singer watching a pastor deliver a sermon. It was posted on May 17, 2020, on his official Instagram account.

It raised a few questions like ‘did Bieber secretly confirmed a conspiracy that involves pedophilia and child trafficking?’ Maybe not!

Did Justin Bieber Confirmed ‘Yummy’ Pizzagate Theories?

Firstly, it may not be true as Bieber didn’t indicate if he had read the comment before making the move. He probably wasn’t even aware of the comment in question. The singer-songwriter has over 139 million followers, and garnered about 1.7 million views on his live stream video attracting over 2000 comments.

Secondly, like any other popular live video, comments must have been flooded in at a quick pace. But, the conspiracy video clearly shows the comment section at that particular comment in that question and not moving. It meant that whoever recorded the clip, stopped it on that specific comment on purpose.

Thirdly, the said commenter wasn’t the first to talk/refer the singer’s hat. If you see the whole video, you could easily notice that Justin Bieber was adjusting his hat so much the entire time that one of the viewers even asked him to stop doing that.

Fourthly, it seems plausible that seeing Bieber fidgeting with his hat repeatedly, someone added that comment just to generate a conspiracy of their own and a viral content based on it.

Concluding, there seems zero evidence that Bieber even acknowledged that question and the conspiracy theories surrounding his music video as well.

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