Genetic Detective Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, New Cases & Technology and Everything Else To Know

Genetic Detective Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, New Cases & Technology, Spoilers, Episodes, ABC News and Series Updates
Genetic Detective Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, New Cases & Technology, Spoilers, Episodes, ABC News and Series Updates

Documentaries are boring, but what if those documentaries are based on a real nerve-wracking murder mystery, then it catches your attention.

ABC‘s crime television show, The Genetic Detective is loosely based on that theme. In it, the show’s host CeCe Moore (a professional genetic genealogist) shares her previously solved cases using the DNA of the culprit from the crime scene and then searching it on the genetic database, connecting the dots from the criminal’s family tree, then joining all the dots to reveal the identity of the culprit.

The show was able to garner the rave reviews in just six episodes. As it is based on the true-crime scenes, with real people involved in it, it creates a perception in the viewer’s mind that reality is more mysterious than the imagination of a writer.

Genetic Detective Season 2 Release Date

The Genetic Detective season 1 premiered on May 26, 2020, on ABC, and concluded on June 30, 2020, with its finale episode number six. As of now, the production house has neither confirmed the season 2 nor denied it. Maybe they are observing the public demand for the second installment after that they will decide on its making.

The show has also garnered a vast viewership, approximately 2.8 million per episode, in the first installment, which is a little rare for most of the other shows.

However, there is no scarcity of material for the upcoming season. The more complex cases took longer than usual. With production houses at a halt due to coronavirus, we couldn’t expect the shooting to resume early. With ongoing #BlackLivesMatter campaign going on in the USA, it isn’t easy to access the new files for the episodes.

Hopefully, we can expect season 2 to come in early 2021, but with coronavirus cases rising every day, the safest prediction could be November 2021.

Genetic Detective Season 2 Host

Professional genetic genealogist CeCe Moore hosted the first installment. She is expected to mark his re-entry as a host for season 2, considering the positive reviews she got about her hosting in the first one. The best thing is that as viewers are getting a professional to host rather than any actress, they are getting much more information than usual.

CeCe Moore is a licensed genetic genealogist, but she is no stranger to working on TV. She has earlier appeared on the shows like ”Finding Your Roots” and ”Genealogy Roadshow,” which helped to polish her hosting skills.

As per now, neither the producer nor CeCe Moore has commented on her return to season 2. But considering her experience in tracking down the culprit using the genetic database, and her vast knowledge about the cases, we can not expect any person other than her doing justice to the show.

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Genetic Detective Season 2 Cases

In season 1, we saw the team of CeCe Moore, consisting of the team at Parabon Nanolab and law enforcement agency. It featured them solving high profile cases like the double homicide of young couple, cold-blooded cases like the murder of Angie Dodge, and the finale solved the late 2018 rape of Carla Brooks.

However, Susan Galvin, who was raped and murdered mercilessly in 1967, is considered one of the best and oldest cases to be solved by the team. The exciting part is that the culprit died in 1987, which made the situation more tricky to track down the culprit and give Susan Galvin justice.

Season 2 is expected to get more such types of sensational cases from Moore’s files, till that time we can pray for this pandemic to end as soon as possible so that everything will come back to normal as earlier.

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Will New Technology Be Employed in Genetic Detective Season 2?

With the advent of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence making their entry into US police departments, we can expect to see the use of AI combined with DNA tracking for finding out the criminal. But this will apply to only recent cases, not the old cases which Moore has solved in her past.

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