Tropical Storm 7 Gonzalo Projected Path: Gonzalo Hurricane Spins Into Formation

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Hurricane Path
Tropical Storm 7 Gonzalo Hurricane Path

Tropical Storm 7 Gonzalo has formed Wednesday morning in the mid-Atlanta Ocean between Africa and the Lesser Antilles. The Gonzalo hurricane is moving west with high speed, according to National Hurricane Centre.

The storm spun into formation about one thousand miles east of the southern Windward Islands and continues traveling west-northwest. It could affect some parts of the island.

Gonzalo has broken the record to be the earliest seventh tropical storm to form in the Atlantic Sea which was previously held by Tropical Storm Gert, a devastating hurricane formed almost 15 years back in 2005.

The storm’s intensity is not calculated in actual numbers due to less availability of weather forecasting systems in the region.

Gonzalo Storm Projected Path

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Hurricane Path
Tropical Storm 7 Gonzalo Hurricane Forecast Path

The area under the teardrop shape denotes the likely path of the center of the tropical hurricane. Please note that the side-effects of a cyclone/hurricane/tropical storm such as heavy rains, high-speed winds, and flooding move beyond the forecast area.

Gonzalo Hurricane Intensity

A factor that can increase or decrease the intensity of a storm is dry air which is surrounding the Tropical Storm Gonzalo from the west and north side.

There is no trace of shearing winds, however, the wind speed can increase once it reaches the Windward Islands on July 25-26.

The intensity of hurricane depends on these two factors and they indicate the storm Gonzalo can weaken in the future.

However, it is not certain it will weaken or intensify on the weekend. Under favorable conditions, the storm can take the shape of a disaster. Small storms like Gonzalo can intensify or degrade at a mindblowing rate.

To conclude Gonzalo, it can have devastating effects or nothing at the same time. Under unfavorable conditions, the wind may remain weak and dissipate in the ocean.

Who should beware of the Gonzalo?

People living in the Windward Islands shall prepare for all sorts of events that may arrive on the weekend. The officials have advised people to remain in their houses and to not indulge in outdoor activities on Saturday.

Trinidad and Tobago regions of Lesser Antilles are also under the radar of tropical storm 7 Gonzalo.

You will receive the latest/live updates on Gonzalo hurricane here.

Initial Developmental Region

This storm is the latest development of the season in the Atlantic Ocean. It indicates that the hurricane season is about to begin and people living near the coastal areas must prepare for the strong storms arriving in the future.

Stay tuned with TCD for Live Updates on Tropical Storm Gonzalo.

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