George Floyd Protests: 200 Years Old Historical Church Set On Fire In Washington (Monument)

George Floyd Protests Live Updates: #dcblackout Trends on Twitter
George Floyd Protests Live Updates: #dcblackout Trends on Twitter

Since, 19th century, the historic church standing firm is now set to fire by protesters. The Metropolitan Police Department requested the citizen to avoid going to this area. The 200-year-old St. John’s church has been wrecked first by the protesters and then they set the fire on the monument because of the death of George Floyd.

The death of George Floyd lead to protest and multiple fires are observed in Washington and various cities of the nation. This church has also come into this and people are aggressive. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) of the District of Columbia shared this tweet,

This church has been standing in our city since the early 1800s. Please avoid the area

The police said that the fire was set intentionally and the Firefighters has responded quickly to take control over the basement fire. The MPD also said that fires in the whole Washington DC and neighboring regions are completely intentional. Several fires were set up near Washington Monument.

Right now, the damage to the church is not known exactly as the danger in the city has been increased exponentially. The police officials are doing to their jobs to take down this mishappening.

Apart from this, almost 50 Secret Service officers are injured till the night of Sunday and this number may be higher. This is so because the rioters are using Molotov cocktails and hurled bottles.

A video on twitter getting viral showing the birds-eye view of the Washinton, the whole city is covered by smoke emerging from multiple locations.

As per the sources, small businesses like retail shops and restaurants in the capital city of America drained the afternoon time by hammering plywood boards. They have done this to save their shops from attack.

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But things have turned opposite, even the parked cars and some buildings have been burnt down to ashes. Due to this, the curfew has been set from 11 pm Sunday to 6 am Monday (local time).

Not only the DC, more than 24 mayors, and governors have given an order for curfew in the region they have authority in. The single night has gone with fire from San Francisco to Boston.

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Around 62,000, National Guard members have been deployed across the whole nation. Other members are serving to the COVID-19 relief efforts. Downtown violence has lead to two people dead as per the reports in Detroit and Minneapolis.

Robbers are taking cover under this protest thing and robbed various stores during the day in Philadelphia, California, and Santa Monica. It’s not just about St. John’s church which was set on fire, there have many such incidents in New York and rest of the nation.

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