‘Haikyuu Season 5’ Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: Will it premiere in 2020?

'Haikyuu Season 5' Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: Will it premiere in 2020?

Haikyuu Season 5: With the finale of the fourth installment part 1 on April 3, 2020. There is confusion all over the web, some are saying season 5 will come, few are saying Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 will come, Others are claiming for season 4 part 2.

Now, the question is what is right? Well in this article, you will get this answer also. For those who don’t know anything about this anime, we will start with a short introduction.

Haikyuu is the anime series based on ‘Haikyu!!’, a Japanese shonen manga series by Haruichi Furudate. The story started back in April 2014, the first premiere of the anime series.

Now, let’s jump straight into the release date and clear the confusion stated above.

‘Haikyuu Season 5’ Release Date

First of all, whatever we consider, the new episodes are going to release in July 2020. The exact date is not revealed yet, maybe because of the coronavirus pandemic. During this tough time, it’s hard to say a confirmed date for any creator.

We will update this section once everything becomes normal. Coming to the confusion between the season number.

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As per the reports, the original producer of the series will release the Haikyuu To The Top season 2. After a delay, Netflix will get the rights to stream and release it with the name of season 5.

All of them are the same, the confusion is created because of the multiple releases via different platforms. You can call it whatever you want. For the majority of the cases, the animes are produced in Japan and have the initial release there.

After some delay, it becomes out for the worldwide audience with English subtitles and dubbed versions.

‘Haikyuu Season 5’ Trailer

The trailer is not available yet, but you can check out previous one below:

We will update this soon.

*Alert – Spoilers ahead

‘Haikyuu Season 5’ Plot: What will happen next?

The story revolves around the life of Hinata, a volleyball lover with a short height. He used to watch this sport on tv, but later he discovered a player who matches his height and has achieved a lot in the game.

His name is Gaint, who become an inspiration for Hinata. After this, Hinata’s struggle started and his work made him one of the best volleyball players. Another interesting character is Tobio Kageyama who initially doesn’t like Hinata.

But later they started playing in the same team and eventually qualified to play on the national level. That’s all we have seen till now.

Now, the fifth installment will show how they are going to play as a national team against another highly qualified team. This situation will be more exciting to watch which will be the major focus of the plot.

‘Haikyuu Season 5’ Cast

Officially, the list is not out, but we have the expected list, as the main characters will have a return back.

Ayumu Murase as Shoyo Hinata
Kaito Ishikawa as Tobio Kageyama
Yu Hayashi as Ryunosuke Tanaka
Satoshi Hino as Daichi Sawamura
Miyu Irino as Koshi Sugawara
Koki Uchiyama as Kei Tsukishima
Sôma Saitô as Tadashi Yamaguchi

We will also update this soon.

Stay tuned with TCD! for more news.

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