Vikings Season 6 Part 2 (Episode 11) Release Date: Trailer, Episodes and Everything So Far

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 (Episode 11) Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Updates
Vikings Season 6 Part 2 (Episode 11) Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Updates

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 (Episode 11): The sixth installment of one of the most loved tv series, Vikings is on a midseason break. So, we bring here to you everything that you would need to know regarding it like its release date, promo video (trailer), plot/story, cast, characters, etc. and much more. (check: Apex Legends season 5 date.)

When the show returns for its season 6 episode 11, what would Ivar, Bjorn, and the rest do? It’s the creation of Michael Hirst and the series premiered in 2013 on History Channel. Originally, the historical drama was intended to be a miniseries. Since it got huge success, it was renewed for a second season.

As it got renewed for more seasons, the viewers continued to get to see more and more on the lives of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha, Rollo (Clive Standen), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), and many other characters. Initially, the Viking’s story was based on legendary Norse figure Ragnar Lothbrok. He used to travel with his Viking brothers Rollo and his best friend Floki.

From Ragnar, the series’ focus shifted to his sons and their own journeys. Out of them, Ivar and Bjorn need a special mention. The series which is faring in its sixth installment went on a midseason break with a cliffhanger. We have already seen some big action and heartbreak as Lagertha was killed by hallucinating Hvitserk.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 (Episode 11) Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Updates
Vikings Season 6 Part 2 (Episode 11) Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Updates

Is Vikings Season 6 The Last? Will the Series End with Part 2?

It is a piece of unfortunate news for the fans of the series that it is going to end with a final batch of episodes. The Vikings series is going to end with season 6 part 2. However, there has been no official concrete reason as to why they are ending it. Probably, it is due to a decline in viewership. It started to come with the death of Ragnar.

Well, there seems to be this much that we can take from history. It’s because the writers haven’t written about the history of many characters or they haven’t told us yet. We don’t know, as of now, why they decided to end the series at this point. It is obvious that all series end at some point. It may be due to the central character, Ragnar is already dead.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Like previous seasons, the current installment of Vikings is also divided into two parts. It consists of 20 episodes out of which 10 has already aired from December 4, 2019, to February 5, 2020. However, it is not going to return soon. And the fans are going to wait eagerly for it to be released and to know what’s actually going to happen next.

The official release date for Vikings season 6 episode 11 isn’t revealed yet. It should follow the previous pattern and the next episodes of the show should come out in late 2020. Likewise, the last installment was divided into two parts – the first one released on November 29, 2017, while the second one came out on November 28, 2018.

Let’s hope that it won’t take almost a year this time around. But, coronavirus pandemic can cause a delay to extend more than expected.

What Will Happen in Vikings Season 6 Part 2? Story/Plot

The first part of this installment ended with Bjorn lying on the floor Ivar stabbed him. Also, Harald is being considered dead. In the mean time, Ubbe and Torvi are on their quest to search for Floki in Iceland.

It’s going to be difficult to speculate what would be the next move in episode 11. But, one thing is sure that it will answer some of the biggest questions that the fans of Vikings have been craving for. It includes is Bjorn still alive, what happened to Floki, and who will become the next king of Kattegat.

Vikings Season 6 Cast

  • Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok.
  • Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha
  • Clive Standen as Rollo.
  • Jessalyn Gilsig as Siggy.
  • Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki
  • Gabriel Byrne as Earl Haraldson.
  • George Blagden as Athelstan.
  • Donal Logue as Horik of Denmark.
  • Alyssa Sutherland as Aslaug.
  • Linus Roache as Ecbert of Wessex.
  • Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside.
  • Ben Robson as Kalf.
  • Kevin Durand as Harbard.
  • Lothaire Bluteau as Charles of West Francia.
  • John Kavanagh as The Seer.
  • Peter Franzén as Harald Finehair.
  • Jasper Pääkkönen as Halfdan the Black.
  • Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless.
  • Marco Ilsø as Hvitserk.
  • David Lindström as Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.
  • Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe.
  • Moe Dunford as Aethelwulf.
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Bishop Heahmund.
  • Danila Kozlovsky as Oleg the Prophet.
  • Eric Johnson as Erik the Red.
  • Georgia Hirst as Torvi.
  • Ragga Ragnars as Gunnhild.
  • Ray Stevenson as Other(a wanderer).

As of now, we don’t know if there would be any new additions or alternations. We will update it after confirming.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Trailer

The official teaser trailer for the upcoming part hasn’t been released officially. But, we do have a trailer for Vikings season 6 episode 11. You can watch it below.

The synopsis for the episode says: “While Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and Igor (Oran Glynn O’Donovan) continue to plot against Oleg, Kings Harald and Bjorn make frantic preparations to defend against the invasion.”

It has attracted millions of viewers from across the globe. It is based on real life vikings and references Norse mythology and traditions.

Stay tuned for more updates on Vikings season 6 episode 11 release date and more.

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