Ian McKellen Death: Is The LOTR Star Dead? Ian McKellen Health Issues

Ian McKellen Death Is He Dead
Ian McKellen Dead, the death of Lord of the Rings actor

Ian McKellen Death: The LOTR fame Ian Holm died on June 19th, 2020. People are confusing his death with the co-actor Ian McKellen due to similar names.

Reporting to The Guardian, Holm’s agent confirmed the actor is dead at 88 years old. The Alien star was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years earlier. Ian Holm starred in numerous big movies like Alien, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Chariots of Fire, and Garden State.

On the contrary, Ian McKellen is alive as of June 19th, no such reports of his death have surfaced online. It’s just that people are confusing the two LOTR actors.

Ian McKellen Health Issues

Ian McKellen has not been in great health for a long time. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006 and confirmed that he has been suffering from memory loss in 2015.

Ian McKellen Memory Loss

The ‘Magneto’ from X-Men confirmed in an interview with The Daily Telegraph in 2015 that he was battling with the memory loss. He troubled with remembering lines as he would consistently forget dialogues in-between the scenes.

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McKellen joked about the condition in the same interview and said “age should come with a health warning.”

Ian McKellen Prostate Cancer (2008)

Ian McKellen Death Is He Dead
Ian McKellen Dead, the death of Lord of the Rings actor

During a promotional campaign of his biographical movie, Ian McKellen: A Biography, the actor admitted having diagnosed with prostate cancer, in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

McKellen mentioned, “If it [cancer] is contained in the prostate it’s no big deal. You have to be careful it doesn’t spread.”

He went on to say that no treatment is available for prostate cancer at the moment but he tries to keep it contained as much as possible.

McKellen Funeral: The Actor Has Decided It Already

The star confirmed the news in his 2017 documentary that he has decided his funeral program. McKellen mentioned in the movie, “I’ll have an evening to spare…. the most enjoyable evening. And it will take place in a theater with free entries.”

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He added, “Ooh, I’d love to go to that funeral.” And he would like to attend the funeral with a particular dress code for everybody.”

Ian McKellen Canceled A Theater Performance Due to Injuries in 2018

While running late for the theater, the actor decided to catch a train in a hurry. Doing so, the actor started running towards the train, his feets got entangled and he fell down on his knees. The actor suffered a calf muscle injury resulting in the cancelation of the theater show.

Despite the show getting canceled, the actor decided to talk with the audience and entertained them with his funny verbal communication. During such a conversation, he uttered he, “tried out a few routines and some old ones – a bit of Gandalf and a couple of Shakespear speeches.”

THE VERDICT: Ian McKellen’s death or Is Ian McKellen Dead? No, the death of Ian Holm led to the confusion of McKellen being dead. The actor is alive, though not in great health.

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  1. The picture you have next to Ian McKellen is Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter not Gandolf from Lord of the rings. Otherwise good catch on who actually died.


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