If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date: Is it renewed or canceled?

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date: Is it renewed or canceled?

The American prime series “If loving you is wrong” is a Tyler Perry created drama show that recently premiered its season 5 between March 2020 and June 2020. Now, will the series renew it with some further seasons or not?


In February 2020, the Creators declared that the upcoming season will be the finale and there will be no further seasons. This might be due to Tyler Perry’s decision to leave OWN, as he is the creator, director, and writer of the series, OWN might have decided to cancel it.

The season 5 contained 12 episodes with a story revolving around the previous characters of the series that contains 5 single moms who had either broken up or divorced with their husbands.

In the series, they used to have affairs with their neighbors in order to find love and sex in their life. The five ladies were Natalie, Alex, Kelly, Esperanza, and Marcie who had affairs with their neighbors.

The show was inspired by a movie in which single moms have to raise their children alone. Alex was a user of dating apps also had an affair with her neighbor Randall after breaking up from her husband.

Kelly was having a kind of affair with her neighbor who died and Kelly has been convicted for his death and had to suffer a lot during the whole series. Marcie is the wife of Randall who has an affair with Alex and the story was quite difficult between them. Esperanza was having an affair with Julius and Natalie was having an affair with a police officer of Maxine.

The life of five ladies has been shown full of struggles as they were single moms who have to work for the well-being of their children. And also want love in their life to live happily, they have some physical needs for which they were all having affairs with someone they liked.

In the last season, all the confusion has been cleared and they all started to live their life happily after getting their issues resolved. It makes a perfect ending and finale with satisfied viewers.

But we cannot deny the fact that the canceled series are sometimes renewed with some different stories or some time with some different names. 

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date: Is it renewed or canceled?

Recently the last season was released by OWN in March 2020, it contained 12 episodes that were aired up to June 16, 2020. The series was first started with its season 1 in 2014. Now, according to the news from the creators and director in February 2020, the fifth season will be the finale.

There will be no renewal in the future by OWN. Though the last season as the finale season is completely satisfying all the viewers with answering all the questions in the minds of the viewers regarding the difficulties.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date: Is it renewed or canceled?
If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date: Is it renewed or canceled?

So, as it was previously decided and announced that there will be no further extension to the series hereby stands canceled. But we can always hope for some renewal of the series with some different names on some different channels or by some different creators. (Also check: Wasteland 3 Release Date, Trailer, What’s New, Plot And Everything You Need To Know.)

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Cast: Who will be starring?

The series has some cast members which are getting repeated from the very starting of the series like-Amanda Clayton as Alex, Matt Cook as Joey, Edwina Findley as Kelly, Tiffany Haddish as Jackie, Heather Hemmens as Marcie, Zulay Henao as Esperanza, April Parker Jones as Natalie, Eltony Williams as Dr. Randall, Aiden Turner as Brad, Joel Rush as Eddie, Denzel Wells as Travis, Dawan Wells as Quan, etc.

If the show renews, it is expected to see the same cast members and keep the feel of it as it is.

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