Increasing The Return on Your Workday Investment

Increasing The Return on Your Workday Investment
Increasing The Return on Your Workday Investment

You need to familiarize yourself with Workday if you’re an enterprise leader today. This is because it offers one of the most useful suites of cloud-based applications for enterprises out there.

As the name suggests, Workday’s software is all about improving the flow of daily operations within an organization. The primary focuses are on human resources and finances/accounting. Not only does Workday consolidate a lot of otherwise separate functions into a single platform, it also allows for the automation of many tasks. Due to its traits that enable decreasing human error while also streamlining operations, it should be obvious why Workday is such a popular solution for enterprises.

But this is only scratching the surface of what Workday really offers for organizations. Here are some of the more specific reasons why understanding Workday’s capabilities matters for enterprises today:

  • Massive platform consolidation – It’s no secret that there are lots of applications out there for making business processes more efficient. But having a unique product for every use case isn’t just cumbersome and expensive, it’s a security risk as well. Adopting and deploying Workday allows enterprises to cut their system reliance down from many to a single vendor—leading to realized efficiencies and data security improvements across the board.
  • Built specifically for workflows – There are few things more frustrating from the employee’s point of view than having to learn new tools or platforms that don’t provide clear benefits. This is made worse when the applications in question are cumbersome and confusing. Workday is purpose-built to fit into people’s natural workflows—reducing frustration and on-boarding time.
  • Cloud-native and future-focused software – The future is in the cloud. Enterprises that accept this and make the right moves to adopt reliable and evolving cloud-based applications and systems will stand out from their peers.

These are just a few of the primary reasons why understanding Workday and its functions are essential for business leaders today. Next, we’ll take a look at what kinds of organizations should be thinking about Workday deployment, as well as increasing return on your Workday investment

When and How Should Organizations Adopt Workday to Increase ROI?

Workday is a sprawling ecosystem of highly useful tools. Essentially every company would benefit from adopting it. The only question is whether it makes sense for a business to do so, considering Workday is generally considered enterprise-level software.

For businesses that can afford to adopt and deploy Workday, the question then becomes “How do we get the most out of this investment?” There are a few things that will affect the decision-making for this point.

There are no single answers for how an enterprise should deploy Workday to optimize performance and returns—as no two organizations are exactly alike. Teaming up with Workday partners, however, can be massively beneficial. These are third-party companies that offer services specifically related to deploying and managing Workday systems. Though these services will come with a cost, there are few ways a certified Workday partner can actually improve overall ROI:

  • Get things working faster with fewer hiccups – The initial deployment stage of an enterprise-level software platform is often the most complicated. Configuring systems and training employees on something totally new is a massive undertaking. Having a Workday partner there to guide the process can drastically cut down the time it takes to start realizing returns.
  • Learn tricks that otherwise would have been unknown – Most software applications have certain features that totally change the utility of the program. Having someone show you all of these upfront, as opposed to learning them by trial and error, will allow for ROI to start streaming in far sooner.
  • Reimagine your finances – Workday is all about helping enterprises take greater control of their finances. Leveraging the expertise of a Workday partner can help organizations maximize this effect—the results of which will be compounded over time.

Workday offers some of the most useful enterprise software tools of any provider, period. Knowing how to use them correctly can lead to highly compelling, long-term ROI.

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