Kasauti Zindagi Kay Season 2 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag warns Komolika and Ronit

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 12th August 2020 Written Update: Anurag warns Komolika and Ronit
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 12th August 2020 Written Update: Anurag warns Komolika and Ronit

The Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 episode begins with Prerna and Veena comes into the room. Anurag says that why would Ronit marry a girl who made him sent to the jail and he is just playing games so he will marry someone else. He says that Ronit should marry a girl matching his status and she is always a middle class one.

Shivani gets upset hearing it. Anurag says that he can just advise her. Veena gets angry hearing him. He says that Prerna is already in regret and so Shivani will. Prerna says that Ronit is not a good person but not a cheap one.

He says that if she has such a big issue, then he won’t even talk ahead and she is so shameless that he won’t even like to come here again. He says to Veena that she should understand his advice and goes from there.

Prerna says to Shivani that Anurag is not wrong as Ronit is not a good guy. Shivani says that Anurag wants to end her marriage and he will make all his possible efforts. She gets into an argument with Prerna and leaves from there.

Veena says to Prerna that she is getting affected by what Anurag said! Prerna says that she doesn’t want Shivani to go to that house.

Anurag reaches to the salon and finds Komolika there. She questions when did he come back? He recalls when he asked the lady and learned that Komolika has made booking for the whole salon. He questions why did she arrange Shivani and Ronit’s marriage when she doesn’t like her. She says that it is all their matter and he should ask them.

He says that she used the opportunity for this in his absence. She questions who would do things for her brother’s happiness and he loves her brother as he does to his family. She says that Ronit and Shivani are in love with each other.

She says that Ronit made Shivani meet her but Prerna accused her of kidnapping Shivani and she had to tolerate a lot in front of the media and police. She says that she respects Ronit and Shivani’s love and made the alliance.

Anurag warns Komolika. She makes him threaten that if she dies all of a sudden, then her locker will be in the police’s hand. She says that she is not a fool and knows that he can kill her to return to Prerna. She says that she very know how to control people! He says that he knows her very well but he won’t do anything to her.

He says that Ronit is not a good person and if he gets to know that she is behind some plan using the marriage, then Ronit won’t be safe. He says that she should keep Shivani away their issues and goes from there.

Komolika thinks that she has a solution to make Anurag stay out of her plan.

Mr. Bajaj questions Prerna why did he come back home? She says that Anurag came to the house and said that Ronit and Komolika belong to higher status and so on. He says that he gets amazed seeing her strong and sensitive, but he won’t be praising it moe.

Anurag warns Ronit not to do anything wrong or else he won’t leave him.

Komolika asks Ronit to get her info about the Bajaj city’s project and Prerna. He says that Anurag doesn’t know about his position or else he will get him out of it. She says that he should get info before it happens.

Precap: Ronit tells Komolika that Prerna has used all her funds to buy things for the orphan. Komolika thinks what might be Priyanka’s connection with Anurag!

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