Kevin Samuels 911 Call: Woman Seemed Desperate To Save Dating Advice Guru

Who is Kevin Samuels' Wife (Name)? Is He Married? Who are his kids? Is YouTuber Dead or Alive? Death Cause/Reason
Kevin Samuels 911 Call

Kevin Samuels 911 Call: The frantic call made to 911 for late dating advice guru’s friend to save him has been made public. It is an integral part of Kevin Samuel’s death. The call to 911 shows how desperate the woman was to save the YouTuber who died on May 5, 2022.

TMZ published the audio from the call on Monday. Per call, the woman told the operator that Kevin was experiencing an issue with his heart. The audio confirms that she tried to perform CPR on him. In it, the woman said that she was at Samuel’s apartment for the first time. As a result, she seems confused while telling the exact address.

Kevin Samuels 911 Call

In the 911 call audio, the woman told the operator that she saw Samuels turning blue. Therefore, she requests the dispatcher to provide an AED to revive him. The woman had identified herself as a nurse. The woman performed CPR in a desperate attempt to keep him alive until the ambulance’s arrival throughout the call.

The nurse can be heard in the recording encouraging Samuels to stay alive for his daughter. She asked the dispatchers to call the building’s front desk for AED. The death of Kevin was confirmed by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office.

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Kevin died on Thursday at the age of 57, but his cause of death was not made official. It’s not known what did he die of yet. He used to identify himself as an image consultant and had become a social media celebrity with over a million followers on YouTube and Instagram. His mother and daughter survive him.

Though Samuels was infamous for his controversial relationship advice, TI went on to Instagram to defend him from people still bullying him after his death. The rapper said that he couldn’t stand it, won’t let anyone else bully the dead man, and requested all to let him rest in peace, TheTribuneVoice reports.

TI went on to say that whatever he did has been put behind as he is gone now. After his death, everything is between Samuels and God, and no one else will put him in heaven or hell, whatever, as reported by TheReporterTimes.

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You can listen to the audio from the 911 call (the death of Kevin Samuels) released by the Atlanta police below.

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