Who is Beau Lazenby, Jethro Lazenby’s mother & is the model wife of Nick Cave?

Who is Beau Lazenby? Jethro Cave Mother & Nick Cave Wife, Wiki Bio Net Worth 2022
Who is Beau Lazenby? Jethro Cave Mother & Nick Cave Wife, Wiki Bio Net Worth 2022

Beau Lazenby came into limelight when she was attached to rock star musician Nick Cave. The model again shot to fame when the couple welcomed their first child Jethro Lazenby in 1991. On May 9, 2022, Jethro Cave died at the age of 30. However, the official/exact cause of death is not known yet.

Who is Beau Lazenby? Nick Cave’s Wife

The former model and wife of Nick Cave, Beau Lazenby was born in Australia. There is nothing much information about her in the public domain. But, it’s confirmed that she lives in Melbourne. (Also Read: Dennis Waterman Net Worth.)

She was blessed with a son name Jethro with star Nick. Like his mother, Jethro Lazenby was also a model and actor. He was featured in movies like Corroboree (2007) and My Little Princess (2011) along with Isabelle Huppert.

In the recent years, he struggled with mental and personal issues. His mental health was not great. (Also check: Kevin Samuels 911 Call: Woman Seemed Desperate To Save Dating Advice Guru.)

In April 2022, the police arrested him for illegally assaulting his own mother, Beau Lazenby. Per court report accessed by our correspondent, Jethro Cave attacked his mother with knee in her face. The incident happened during a family dispute. It left bruises on her face and blood. He admitted the same and breaching court orders. However, other charges were dropped which included intentionally causing injury. He was released from the prison just two days ago and died.

Did Nick Cave marry Beau Lazenby?

It is not clear exactly how long Beau and Nick were in a relationship and married. There is no official data on how long their romance lasted for. Their late son, Jethro Lazenby was born in 1991. In the past, he had claimed of meeting his dad Cave when he was seven years old. Prior to it, he hadn’t met him. Son’s relationship with his father was strained as told by Beau Lazenby in 2012.

Nick Cave married two times till date. Nick’s first wife was Viviane Carneiro, a clothier and creator from Brazil. They married in 1990 and filed for divorce in 1996 and thus got separated. With Viviane, Nick has a son name Luke Cave who was also born in 1991. Nick came across Susie Bick, his second wife, at Natural History Museum. With Susie, Nick has been blessed with twins – Arthur and Earl, who born in 2000. So, in total, Cave had four sons, among whom only two are alive now.

What happened to Beau Lazenby’s son Jethro Lazenby Cave? Cause of Death

On May 9, 2022, Monday, father Nick Cave confirmed and revealed that his son, Jethro Cave died. He had made an official statement to deliver the tragic news to the world. With it, he asked for some private time to mourn the death of his son. However, the exact cause/reason of death hasn’t been revealed at the time of writing this.

At the time of release, a magistrate instructed Jethro Lazenby to undergo substance abuse treatment. And, as per the instructions, he also had to avoid contact with his mother for the next two years.

This is the second time when Nick was struck by such tragedy. In 2015, Nick’s son and Jethro’s half brother, Arthur Cave died after falling from a cliff at Ovingdean, near Brighton. He was the son of Nick Cave and his wife Susie. He was airlifted to the hospital, but died of the injuries he had suffered. The autopsy report said that he had taken hallucinogenic drug LSD.

Arthur’s death inspired Nick to deliver two albums – Skeleton Tree and Ghosteen, and documentary One More Time With Feeling which was released in 2016.

Beau Lazenby net worth 2022

Beau is reported to have amassed a net worth of about $5 million in her accounts. She must have earned it from her modelling career and being a wife of star musician Nick Cave. About her age, nothing much is available on the internet. She is expected to be 50-60 years old.

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