Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything Else So Far

Little Fires Everywhere Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers, Episodes, Hulu News and Amazon Prime Video Updates
Little Fires Everywhere Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers, Episodes, Hulu News and Amazon Prime Video Updates

Reese Witherspoon starrer Little Fires Everywhere initially released on the 18th March 2020. It is derived from Celeste Ng’s novel of the same name. Since the ending of the show was a little different than that of the book. It has left fans to speculate if there is going to be another season in the series. We have got all the information that you are looking for, and without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Will there be Little Fires Everywhere season 2?

So far, neither Amazon nor Hulu has made any comments on the renewal of the show. The ending of the series has led fans to believe that there may be another season.

The showrunner of the show, Liz Tigelaar, mentioned in an interview that it is more like a limited series and that she loves the end. However, if things progress positively and bring Mia and Elena back into each other’s life organically, the show may get renewed.

Tigelaar also mentioned that she believes that there are more stories to tell, and they may bring a spin-off instead of a second season.

The Novel Celeste author also mentioned that she wouldn’t say no and believes if there is more to the story, it will come to her. She also believes that the series had done an excellent job of ending where the audience can have an idea of what people’s trajectory will be. She also mentioned that maybe a few years from now, she may have a story, but, at the moment, she doesn’t have much to say.

With this, it looks like another season may be off the table for now, but Reese Witherspoon’s Big Little Lies went on to have a season 2, which was also based on a novel with a definitive end. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for now.

When will Little Fires Everywhere season 2 release? Premiere Date

Since the show has not yet been renewed, it is hard to predict when or if we will see season 2. If it gets renewal anytime soon, the production schedule will ultimately depend upon when the scriptwriting will be completed. We may have to wait for some news. It is possible that if a second season happens anytime soon, we will see it in mid or late 2021.

Little Fires Everywhere Season 2 Plot: Recap

Season one followed the story of the Richardson family and an artist Mia. Mia Warren moves into a home on Winslow road rented by Elena Richardson. While Mia tries to earn money by working at a local restaurant and selling her artistic photographs through a dealer named Anita in New York.

Her daughter Pearl starts getting fascinated by Richardson’s lifestyle. Moody develops a crush on Pearl, and that allows her to get into Richardson’s home. By the influence that the family has on Pearl, Mia starts worrying about her.

Elena soon offers Mia a job of a housekeeper in their family home. Mia accepts the offer thinking that she would be able to keep an eye on her daughter. As the show progresses, many secrets unravel.

It is revealed that Mirabelle is the daughter of Mia’s work friend Bebe. She decides to help her friend get her daughter back. Bebe approaches the local news channels, and that results in her getting the visitation rights.

When Elena discovers that Mia interfered in her friend’s matter, she decides to look into Mia’s history and realizes that she conceived Pearl for a wealthy couple in New York. However, Mia decided to lie to the couple and keep her daughter to herself. (check: Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2.)

When Bebe kidnaps Mirabelle, frustrated Elena kicks Mia and Pearl out of their residence. This results in Izzy running away from their home, and her siblings set the house on fire to deliberately hurt Elena.

Elena’s worst nightmare comes true, and she decides that she will spend her life looking for her daughter. Mia and Pearl decide to reconnect with Mia’s parents and Pearl’s father. (check: Spenser Confidential 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far.)

Is there a trailer for Little Fires Everywhere season 2?

Since the show has not been renewed yet, the trailer for the series has not come out. However, you can check the trailer of Season one below.

Where to stream/watch Little Fires Everywhere tv series?

The show is available to stream on Hulu in the US and Amazon Prime Video in the UK. It currently has one season consisting of eight episodes. The runtime of the show is around 55 to 66 minutes.

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