Home News Melissa Elliott Murder: Is her house haunted in Mechanicsville VA? What happened in 4 October 1979? Where is Randy Lynn now?

Melissa Elliott Murder: Is her house haunted in Mechanicsville VA? What happened in 4 October 1979? Where is Randy Lynn now?

Melissa Elliott Murder: Is her house haunted in Mechanicsville VA? What happened in 4 October 1979? Where is Randy Lynn now?
Who was Melissa Elliott Murder from Mechanicsville VA: Did Randy Lynn Kill Her on 4 October 1979? House Haunted? Where is Randy Elliott now? Trial Verdict, Wiki Bio, Age, Height

A murder that took place in 1979 is in the news again. The murder was a shocker for everyone in Mechanicsville VA. Melissa Elliott who was just 12 years old at the time of her death was brutally murdered. Her story has been chilling and heart-wrenching to say the least.

However, this story has appeared in the news again. In this article we will be talking about what exactly happened and where is her killer now.

Who was Melissa Elliott and What Happened to her?

Melissa Elliott was a 12-year-old girl living with her parents and a step-brother in Mechanicsville. She was in the 7th grade at Battlefield Elementary School. 

Her mother had a son from a previous marriage named Randy Elliott. Melissa took birth when Randy was 5. 

John and Treva (Melissa’s mother) left for work on the 4th of October 1979. Randy Lynn Elliott and Melissa were at home in in Mechanicsville VA and were supposed to get ready for school. It is unclear what exactly triggered Randy Elliott but he brutally raped and killed his step-sister. It was found that Randy had shot the girl twice in the chest. After killing her, he hid her body in a box behind the house and escaped the crime scene in a car he took from his neighborhood. 

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How was Melissa Elliott’s body discovered?

Two men were around Elliott’s home collecting straw when they came across the box. They decided to open the box and see what was inside. After opening the box they witnessed a horrifying visual of Melissa’s body. Instantly they informed the police.

Soon a court order was released for Randy Lynn Elliott. A Sheriff mentioned that it seemed like Melissa was shot in her single-story home and was dragged around 75-100 yards to the field where she was found. 

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Why did Randy Kill Melissa Elliott?

A clear motive is not clearly known to the public. It could be out of rage or hatred. While the motives are kept under the wraps, what do you think must have been the driving force of this crime?

Where is Randy Elliott now? What happened at Randy’s trial?

Randy Lynn Elliott was caught in Buncombe County, North Carolina. He was then taken back to Virginia to stand preliminary. He was sentenced to life in prison on October 18, 1980. Currently is housed in Virginia’s Lunenburg Correctional Facility.

While the case was solved immediately, it did make a lot of people question the world we live in. It was utterly heartbreaking and shocking for the community. However, even though justice has been served there are many who still cannot forget this brutal crime.

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Is Melissa Elliott home haunted in Mechanicsville VA?

The grandson of the owner has often visited the house to do various different work. He mentioned he had an urge to help the young lady. He thought of her as a girl who was around 15-16. However, he discovered that Melissa was just 12 at the time.

He has mentioned that when he went the home to clear the vacuumed water he would try to talk to Melissa Elliott. However, he hasn’t detected anything suspicious as of now.

However, even though the set of experiences is not known, some people are said to be crepeed by the house.


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