Top 15 Most Disliked Videos/Songs on YouTube Of All Times (Mr Faisu): Worldwide List Including India

Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos/Songs of All Times: Watch Global List
Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos/Songs of All Times: Watch Global List

Most Disliked YouTube Videos: YouTube added the like and dislike feature back in 2010 as a redesigned interface. This feature has been a great interest for the audience, they can appreciate the content by giving it a thumbs up. And express the frustration by slamming the thumbs down button which adds a dislike.

Generally, the trend observed in videos is that likes are always higher than dislikes counts. However, in some cases, the trend is reversed where dislikes number becomes much greater than the thumbs up count. (check: Most Disliked YouTube Videos in India.)

When the content is so worse, even popular artists like Justin Bieber & video-streaming giant YouTube cannot escape from critics of the audience. And it is said the audience is the biggest critic of content. (check: Mr. Faisu’s Chilling Shillong Becomes The Most Disliked YouTube Video in India.)

So don’t be surprised if you see your favorite singer or artists on the list. Recently, we have started a series of Top Liked & most Disliked Videos nationwide and worldwide. So here we have compiled here the list of Top 15 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube globally.

Most Disliked YouTube Videos

#1 YouTube Rewind 2018 – Everyone Controls Rewind

YouTube features artists who inspired the world and collected the most number of views during a year under a ‘Rewind’ series which kicked-off in 2010. (check: Most Liked Hindi Songs on YouTube.)

The 2018 version received hatred from both critics and people. It was considered too lengthy, having no concept at all and displaying some nonsensical quirky clips. It shaped up to be the most disliked video on YouTube worldwide, receiving 10+ Million dislikes in the first two weeks of its run. It currently records 17 Million Dislikes with 2..8 Million likes and over 200 Million views.

#2 Baby – Justin Bieber

The music video released in 2010 featuring Justin Bieber and Ludacris and served as the biggest turning point in the career of Justin. Initially, the video was well-received by the audience and critics but as time passed, the dislike frequency increased by a substantial amount.

For the whole 2 years, the video remained the No 1. Hated/Disliked video before Rebecca’s Black Friday surpassed. One interesting fact is that it’s not clear whether people hate it or love it. Because the number of likes is somewhat close to likes count. 13 M Likes and 11 M Dislikes and going strong with 2+Billion views.

#3 YouTube Rewind 2019 – For the Record

Another entry from the platform itself. YouTube Rewind 2019 improved a bit more from its prequel. Though it was still considered not creative enough and having a sloppy screenplay. People still disliked it but little less the last year’s as it featured Mr. Beast, PewDiePie and other creators which were not part of the 2018 installment. The video has 8.91 M Dislikes and 3.3 Million Likes.

#4 Baby Shark Dance

Children song, it has been popular as a campfire song. The Pinkfong association recreated the song in an animated video that got viral all over the social media platforms. And records over 7 Million Dislikes but the views counts are enormous >5.3 Billion views.

#4 Russian Animated Cartoon

The video is titled “Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs On A Farm”, according to Google Translate. The video currently has 5.9+ Million Dislikes and over 3.2 B views.

#5 Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

I guess when kids became adults, they started to dislike the nursery rhyme that was taught in their primary schools. I mean how can nursery rhyme be hated by a whopping 5.4 Million people? Though it can still be hated for its poor animation and not making it creative enough.

#6 Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro Music Video

The most famous of all Vloggers and vine YouTuber has made his way to the list of most Disliked YouTube Videos. Here the dislikes count outnumbers the likes counts, the song is hated by over 4.7 Million people and liked by just 2.9 M. Poor Direction and lack of putting efforts to write meaningful lyrics, the video is a disaster itself. You would know yourself, just watch it once.

#7 Can This Video Get 1 Million Dislikes?

PewDiePie thought it would be a perfect time, around 2017 New Year, to set a record of getting 1 Million Dislikes. Could it be possible? Yeah, for sure. The creator asked his 100+ Million subscribers to make it possible. And guess what started as a venture to get 1 Mill Dislikes, right now has 4.6 M Dislikes with mere 306K Likes. He really achieved his goal. The Video has 93% of Dislike Percentage.

#8 Despacito – Luis Fonsi

It broke the record of “Gangnam Style” when people thought it was impossible to do so. However, to become the most-watched video on YouTube, something comes along the way. And it is dislikes count. Though, the case here is that a lot more have liked the video. As of now, Despacito has 37 M Likes % 4.4 Million Dislikes. And going strong with 6.7 Billion views.

#9 Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Official Trailer

COD, known as one of the best RPGs (Role Playing Games) and graphically demanding games available in the market. It received so many bad words of mouth from critics and fellow gamers, because the latest installment had no good storyline, it was stated too futuristic. Hence, this video paves its way to the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube. Currently having 3.8 M Dislikes and 614K Likes.

#10 Masha and The Bear – The Recipe for Disaster

Another Russian animated video on the list. The video is about a Beer and a girl named Masha. They both become friends and do crazy stuff together. The video has 6.9 Mil Likes and 3.8 Mil Dislikes & 4.2 Billion Views.

Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos/Songs of All Times: Watch Global List
Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos/Songs of All Times: Watch Global List

#11 Black Friday – Rebecca

Rebecca’s song has triple the amount of dislikes than likes. Black Friday, today could have had more dislikes than 3.7 Mil Dislikes it has now if it was not taken down by YouTube in 2011. It was posted back again on YouTube and got what it deserved. The song has 1.1 M Likes and 143 M views.

#12 Bath Song – CoComelon – Nursery Rhyme

The Bath song from Cocomelon – Nursery Rhyme channel records 3.4 Million Dislikes and 5.4 M Likes. It’s one of the videos on youtube with most number of dislikes.

#13 Bibi H – How It Is (Wap Bap….)

Bianca Heinicke posted her song on her YouTube Channel BibiisBeautyPalace. Soon, the German YouTuber’s got known for scoring 5 times more dislikes than likes. There is no reason to produce a music video if it can’t showcase the audience a concept and good visuals.

She appears dancing with balloons and roaming around a mansion, probably a rented one as it has no furniture and looks empty like Bibi’s song. It has 3.1 Million Dislikes and 559K Likes and 61 Million Views.

#14 Yes Yes Vegetables Song – From Cocomelon

Time for another nursery rhyme, this time it’s about animated vegetables getting 2.9 Million Dislikes. It has made its place in the list of most disliked videos on youtube. Watch it below.

#15 El Chombo – Dame Tu Cosita

The Spanish song got so viral over social media that everybody from celebrities to general audience was posting their short clips of the hook steps online. The song received positive reviews and was appreciated by the people. The video has 2.8 Million Dislikes, 8.7 Million Likes, and over 2.6 Billion views.

This is the list of top 15 most disliked youtube videos of all time (globally).

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