My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date: Spoilers and Where to Watch

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date: The highly rated Japanese manga series is now entering in episode 18 of its third season. This is in the air that it may be the last instalment of the entire season, and soon they will wrap it after this.

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This season is highly appreciated by the fans as compared to the previous two seasons. In fact, Many of the fans considered it as the best instalment so far.  So the ending of this season might be a bad news for all the fans, but it is expected that 4th instalment will gonna be much better.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date

So far in this season, we find how the student along with Todoroki had shown their abilities in the very last episode. This time Aoyama and other becomes the centre of focus who haven,t cleared their exam yet. It is expected that in this episode Aoyama will get some character development, Which will help him to be a better person.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date

This time, Iida and Ashido will gonna be the big part of this episode. They will play a major role in the entire episode. This time, the exam for Provisional Hero License will be concluded at the end of it. This time all the students from UA will successfully be passed the exam.

In the next round, they are supposed to learn how to save others, that is what the actual job of the heroes. Next round will judge their ability, that how they will tackle the problem. This episode will run under the title “Rush”  and will gonna be air on 11 August 2018. This will gonna be officially released on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

So go and take a look of part 18. There are many unofficial websites like Kissanime, who will gonna release this episode, but there are various hindrance in the form of adds over there. So keep the pride of official websites and support them.

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