Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016: Bharat refuses to become king

Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016: Luxman told to Ram that he had arranged a hut and a kitchen in Van. Ram and Sita showed the hut. Laxman said to Sita that he had known that she loved cooking very much but he could not arrange kitchen like Raj Bhavan.

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Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016
Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016

Sita said to Laxman that it was very good. Ram said to Luxman that why he could not make a hut for himself. Laxman said that he would live outside and protect them. Ram said to Laxman that he was very happy to find the brother like him.

Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

Sita and Ram entered the hut Ram said to Sita that they were entering into a new life. This life would be very difficult for her. Sita said she is lucky to found the husband like him and a devar like Laxman, this is the best life for her on the earth. Ram hugged Sita.

A man went to Kaushalya and Sumitra and said that Kaikeye had gone at a bank of the river to take a jal smadhi. Kaikeye thought about Bharat’s word and said she was a very selfish lady in this world who send her lovely son for 14 years vanvas and make her daughter in law Sanyasi. She said that she was the reason for her husband’s death. She said that she had put a stain on a name of mother and all the women, she did not have any rights to be alive so she must take jal smadhi.

Guru Vashisth stopped Kaikeye and said that praayshchit is required to free from sins, Kaikeye said that if the sins were too big than death is the only way to free from them. Sumitra, Kaushyla, and all family members came there.

Guru Vashisth said to Kaikeye that she must live with the burden of sins until Ram came from Vanvas, this would her Praayshchit for her sins. If Ram forgot her then she would be free from all the sins.

Kaushalya went near Kaikeye. Kaikeye touched her feet and said sorry and hugged her. She also said sorry to Sumitra and hugged her. Bharat angrily saw her when she looked towards him he turned his face away.

Sita had made some pots with soil. Ram took wood. Ram saw the pots and said pots were very beautiful. Ram said that if a person is satisfied in all the condition then he can live anywhere without any difficulties and she is one of them.

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Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016
Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016

Laxman came there and asked Sita about a fruit. This fruit was used by her. Sita said that this fruit is very healthy; she made a dish for them, Laxman left. Ram said to Sita that he would help her in cooking.

Sita asked him that did he know cooking. Ram said no but he would make if she guided him. Ram said that he wanted to learn to cook. Sita said to him why he wanted to learn to cook. Ram said that husband and wife must help each other in every work. Sita started smiling.

Bharat said to Guru Vashisth that he could not sit on the Throne. Bharat said that only Ram had rights to sit on the throne, he said that already many wrong things happened in Ayodha now he would not do wrong anything.

Bharat said that he would go to take Ram back to Ayodha. Sumanta said that Ram would not come on any condition. Bharat said that he would make Ram take back. Bharat asked for everyone that who would support him in this. Jankak came there and said he would support him.

Will Bharat successful in taking Ram back?

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