Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018: Is there any season 3?

Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018: The anime television series, Nisekoi is a romantic comedy manga written by Naoshi Komi. December 11 is the first time in which the English version of the manga was published. Nisekoi means “False Love”, based on the story of a fake relationship.

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The first season of the series was aired on January 11, 2014. The TRP went high after when it was started with good ratings. So, the producers decided to start the second instalment of the same which was aired in April 2015.

Now, its been  2 years the fans are waiting for the next instalment. Earlier the anime was broadcasted on Tokyo MX, GTV, GYT in Japan. Later on, the license was given to Aniplex of America for broadcasting in North America. The whole web is full of rumours about the season 3. Some of the sources said that the season 3 will be live in the year 2016.

Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018

However, there is no official announcement for the next instalment. This drama has several volumes which consist of 229 chapters. This simply means that the creator of the series will have to extract lots of content to make a new one.


Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018
Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018

The story of the drama is all about a high school student, Raku Ichijo, son of Yakuza boss Shuei-Gumi. Raku is a young, hesitant, and shy man. The lead female character is Chitoge Kirisaki, daughter of a leader of Beehive. She is an optimistic and strong young woman.

These two lead roles meet each other accidentally in the high school and become good friends. After some time, they get to know that they are kids of two opponent gangs and any type of relationship between them may not be feasible.

Another important character is Kosaki Onodera, she is best friend of Raku since childhood. Because of this type of complicated story with lots of twists and turns, it grabbed attention and interest of lots of audiences. This is the main reason behind the popularity of the series.


At the end of season 2, the story was left unfinished and the audiences have many questions in their minds. With this, we can say that the series must come back with another season for answering those queries. Till now, every release date information about the next instalment is turned out to be false.

The makers are taking so much time for another season due to which the fans started thinking that there will be no further episodes. The creator must make an official announcement for the confirmation of further season.

Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018
Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers and Release Date 2018

When the Nisekoi started with 20 episodes, it gained good response from the viewers. Due to this reason, the creators of the series initiated the production for the next instalment without wastage of time. Though, the second season doesn’t come to be as successful as the previous one with only just 12 episodes.

Nisekoi season 3 has lots of lots of hypothesis on the web which also reveals some story. It says Ichigo will going to express his feeling in front of Kirisaki because the majority of the masses wants to see this between the lead roles of the series. It is also an expectation of the internet sources that we will get to see Yui-nee once again and she will confess something to bring some more twist.


There is no official announcement of the cancellation of the season 3. The lovers of the series still have hope for the third instalment.

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