Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Episodes: Will There Be Another Anime Series?

Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Spoilers, Plot, Anime News & Series Updates
Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Spoilers, Plot, Anime News & Series Updates

Noragami is a Japanese anime show based on a Manga created by Adachitoka. It was initially released in 2014 and was instantly loved by many. Anime lovers got the best of action and comedy in one show. The show revolves around Yato, a Stray God who is trying to be recognized by people.

Season two concluded in 2015, and since then, the fans have been waiting to see what happens with Yato and Hiyori next. Will Yato live up to his promise? Will Yato finally get millions of worshippers?

What is the plot of Noragami?

The show deals with Yato, a stray god, and pledges recognized by millions of worshippers. He works odd jobs trying to save enough money to build a temple on his name. Although no matter how hard he tries, he is unable to be known by people.

One day, Hiyori Iki, a middle school girl, saves a stranger in an accident, but she gets hurt while doing so. Due to the accident, her soul slips out of her body. It enables her to travel between two realms of the universe.

One known as Near Shore, where the living wanders and one known as Far Shore where the dead wander. She meets Yato through her soul and asks him to help her get back to her normal life because only he can see her soul. She also becomes friends with Yukine, who is Yato’s Regalia. The trio faces different challenges together.

What will happen in Noragami season 3? Plot

In the second installment, we saw that Yato found a new purpose and promised Ebisu to become a better person. With the help of Yukine, Yato became the god of fortune after Ebisu died. Season three will likely follow Yato’s journey further into the new quest he is on.

Will he be able to keep his promise is something that may be explored. In the Capyka Land, Hiyoru was kissed by Yato’s father, how this will impact their friendship might be shown. This installment will likely showcase the relation between Yato and his father. It will be interesting to see what Nora’s next move will be.

Who is in Noragami season 3? Cast

We are hoping to see some of the same voice cast in Season three of Japanese version like Maaya Uchida as Hiyori Iko, Hiroshi Kamiya as Yato, Rie Kugimaya as Nora and Yuji Kaji as Yukine

In the English version of the series, we may see Bryn Apprill as Hiyori Iko, Jason Liebrecht as Yato, Lauren Landa as Nora, and Micah Solusod as Yukine.

When will Noragami season 3 release? Premiere Date

Noragami season two concluded in 2016, and since then, there has been no announcement of the show coming back. However, the 20th volume of the manga was released in February 2019.

So, it looks like the show may come to the screen by 2021. However, it is still uncertain at the moment because no announcement has been made so far. We will have to wait for the official notification for the same.

Until then, any assumption or estimation should be taken with a pinch of salt. (check: Briarpatch Season 2.)

Noragami Season 3 Trailer

As the show’s production has not begun yet, it looks like we won’t be seeing a trailer anytime soon. However, you can watch the trailer for the second installment below.

Where to watch/stream Noragami anime series?

The English version of the show is available on Funimation and Crunchyroll. There is also a dubbed and subbed version of the show on Hulu. (check: Babylon Berlin Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Episodes & Everything Else So Far About Netflix Series.)

How many episodes are there in season 3 of Noragami?

The show’s runtime is likely going to be around 24 minutes, and probably there will be about 10-13 episodes in season three.

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