One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Raw Scans and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates
One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates

One Piece chapter 980 will be released after a week’s hiatus after releasing OP 979. It’s a very popular Japanese manga that has published a total of 979 sequels to date. The series has garnered fans across the globe. They all are now eagerly waiting for the 980th part. (check: Sherlock season 5.)

If we look at the world now, its condition is drastic due to the coronavirus pandemic. It could be possible that we may get to hear that One Piece 980 release date has been postponed. Due to this COVID-19 crisis, all the production work has been put on hold. It’s not just about manga, but for anime, tv series, and films too.

One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date, Spoilers, Scans, Manga Predictions
One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date, Spoilers, Scans, Manga Predictions

As of now, while being in crisis, most of the anime series has been releasing two episodes per month for the viewers. The same case is with the manga series. Therefore, viewers and readers can’t do anything other than just waiting for two weeks to get their hands on one chapter.

Likewise, we are also waiting eagerly for our favorite manga, anime, tv series, and films to be released/published so that we can also enjoy the creative work. The fans must be having several questions about the series’ future and other events currently going on in the manga. The spoilers for One Piece 979 have been leaked. Now, we know about the Kaido’s son and the other six remaining members.

One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date

There are reports suggesting the release date of the upcoming chapter of the manga. It will be released/published on May 24, 2020. We already know that the avid fans are already waiting impatiently to get to know what happens next. As of now, most of the time, spoilers are released 3 days before the actual release of the chapter.

So, we can’t do anything other than just waiting for the time to arrive. Let’s wait for it to come out then. Thereafter, we will get to know what’s it all about. Below, you can find some of the spoilers for 979 of OP. Knowing them, you would be able to connect better with the upcoming segment.

One Piece 980 Spoilers and Latest Updates

As per the latest update, the arrival of the flying six is featured before Kaido. Also, we get to know why Kaido wants them badly. Then, the name of Kaido’s son is revealed – Yamato. Then, it is shown how Kaido selected his All-Star team and its training so that the fighters get in-form.

In chapter 980 of One Piece, we may get to see a fight between the All-Star team and the Flying Six. At this time, there have been multiple stories and speculations. So, it’s very difficult to say which one out of them will take place.

Slowly and steadily, the series is nearing its climax. So, we are experiencing quite a time. The writer is developing the correct/appropriate mood for the final confrontation. It’s a good thing that, as viewers/fans, we will get to see some of the amazing content. We will soon witness the epic fight between the two groups.

Earlier, it was believed that Shinobu was chasing Kanjuro, but we got to know that she has been with the main group and now is traveling in the tank. It looks like Shinobu is not taking her revenge, but this increases the possibility of Momo’s development.

Robin and Jinbe were being followed by someone. It will be revealed in the upcoming manga chapter that he is Yamato. He has been following the Straw Hats out of curiosity. Meanwhile, the ships of Law and the Big Mom are both at sea. A battle might be featured between the two. If they miss each other, it would turn out to be a covert operation.

The Strawhats will get separated into three groups. The first being Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Usopp, and Carrot. The second being Franky and Brook, and the third being Jinbe and Robin. It is being expected that Zoro will get lost and face his opponent. Luffy may lose his patience and end up beating lots of low tier members.

Update 1: The chapter has been titled “Tatakau Music” meaning Fighting Music. The spoilers based on the raw scans are as follow:

  • – Lola asks Gotti to marry her in the cover page
  • – Luffy starts rampaging.
  • – Zoro is about to try and calm Luffy down, but he gets furious too when he discovers the oshiruko.
  • – Apoo sees Luffy and reports to Queen.
  • – Queen wants to eliminate one member of the Tobiroppo, so he says he will give that empty chair in Tobiroppo to the one that catches Luffy and Zoro.
  • – There is a Wolf Smile user, he’s like Holdem with a wolf in the abdomen.
  • – Zoro cuts a tower in halfr with a lot of Beast Pirates in it
  • – There are a lot of new Smile users, like a gorilla, a giraffe or a mantis .
  • – Apoo hits Luffy in the face with a sonic wave, then he cuts Zoro and finally he sends a explosion toLuffy.
  • – Luffy and Zoro lose Kinemon’s costumes
  • – Kid and Killer see all the chaos. Kid decides he will go for Apoo, Killer try to stop him.
  • – Kid goes after Apoo, he wants to kill that traitor.
  • -Luffy is totally OK at the end of the chapter. Zoro gots the cut becouse he can’t see or predict Apoo attack.
  • -Kidd attacks Apoo
  • – Punk Gibson is the name of Kid’s attack that he used against Apoo

One Piece Chapter 980 Raw Scans

It would anytime between May 13 to May 20. We will update the same information here as soon as they are made public. The major source of spoilers contributes to our predictions and theories. So, you should keep an eye on the time to time basis to get the latest updates.

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