Rayshard Brooks Shot Video Atlanta: Body Cam & Windy’s Surveillance

Rayshard Brooks Killing
Rayshard Brooks Killing

Rayshard Brooks shot video reveals Garrett Rolfe, former Atlanta Police Officer, firing 3 lethal round at Brooks in the parking lot at Windy’s drive-thru on late Friday night.

The two police officers involved in the Brooks killing have been identified. Devin Bronsan has been placed on administrative leave and Garrett Rolfe has been fired after firing deadly shots. Bronsan joined the department in 2018; Rolfe joined in 2013.

Brooks, 27-year-old and a father of 3 girls and 1 son, was allegedly celebrating his daughter’s 8th birthday and planning to take her skating when officers fired the deadly shots in his back.

Bystanders said that Brooks was shot after he snatched the taser gun from one of the officers and started running away.

Rayshard Brooks Shot Video
Rayshard Brooks Shot Video

Rayshard Brooks Killing Atlanta

The killing took place in the parking spot outside the restaurant on University Avenue when one informer called 911 to report an asleep person in a car outside of Windy’s and blocking others’ way at the drive-thru.

*The identity of the reporter who called the police is not revealed. People suspect it must be one of the workers at Windy’s.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Rayshard Brooks was shot when he pointed a taser towards one of the officers while trying to flee away from the scene after failing a sobriety test.

Rayshard was brought to a nearby clinic, Grady Memorial Hospital, and declared dead.

Watch the Rayshard Brooks murder/killing video, from different aspects.

Rayshard Brooks Shot Video: Windy’s Surveillance

George Bureau has released the Rayshard Brooks killing video from Windy’s surveillance cameras installed outside the fast-food restaurant. GBI Director, Vic Reynolds describes the video as follows:-

“It does appear in the video that he is fleeing from the Atlanta police officers, and as he’s fleeing, he turns back over his shoulder with, what appears to the naked eye to be this Taser that witnesses told us they saw that belonged to one of the officers and as he turned, one of the Atlanta officers reached down to get his service weapon, and as he gets his weapon, Mr. Brooks turns his body away from him — I presume to flee,” Vic Reynolds, GBI Director said. “It looks like that’s when the discharge happens.”

Reynold went on to say that the Rayshard Brooks shot video/surveillance footage will be digitally improved and handed over to Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to take a deeper look at the killing.

Rayshard Brooks Killing: Officers’ Body Cam Video

The two officers interrogated and searched Brooks for nearly thirty minutes to clarify whether he is on drugs or not. Later, Brooks agreed that he had drunk two margarita shots and fell asleep in his car.

Brooks agreed to walk home, leaving his car at Windy’s so that he does not put anybody’s life in danger. The police officers then asked him to take a sobriety test which he neglected at first but later agreed and failed the test.

Rayshard Brooks Killing
Rayshard Brooks Killing

The matter heated up when the officers tried to take Brooks in custody. He resisted at first and later tried to flee the scene, the point where he was fatally shot. Rayshard Brooks shot video (bodycam) fails to show which officer fired the lethal round.

Rayshard Brooks Shot Video: Bystanders’ Smartphone Footage

Apart from Brooks Windy’s surveillance killing video, bystanders also released a handheld smartphone Rayshard Brooks shot video on social media which sparked outrage on Twitter & other platforms.

Erika Shields, Atlanta Police Chief, soon resigned after the killing of Rayshard Brooks.

The Windy’s is engulfed in fires on late Saturday night after protests erupted around the city and protestors all lanes of Interstate 75/85.

It is currently a matter of debate whether the officers should have shot or not. The killing happened when the entire nation is disrupted with protests after killing of George Floyd and Robert Fuller.

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