Reddit: Is Cyclops really just Pygmy Elephant?

Reddit: Is Cyclops really just Pygmy Elephant?
Reddit: Is Cyclops really just Pygmy Elephant?

Reddit is known for discussing various thoughts and as a forum for exploring the unknown. Recently a topic on Reddit became a point of heated debate between users. 

The Cyclops is a creature that was created using the methods of Pygmy Elephant Skulls discovered on Greek Islands. Reddit users have various theories on what this exactly is. Many have been stating that this creature is related to an ancient elephant while some are against this theory.

Is Cyclop just a myth?

In ancient Greek mythology, the Cyclops is a one-eyed giant. Greeks have long dreamed of a race of cyclopes that dwell in a far-off land without law or order. They were thought to be a race of dim-witted, violent, one-eyed shepherds dwelling in the caves. 

Pygmy Elephants were also known as little elephants, and they were called Cyclopes. These fossils are highly located in Sicily where most of the Cyclopes stories originate from. The elephant’s nasal cavity, when it becomes a fossil fuel, transforms into a large hole in the middle of its skull.

However, when the Greeks discovered the skull, they didn’t know any better, and since they hadn’t seen an elephant before they concluded it to be a Cyclop, a one-eyed giant.

What does Pygmy Elephant look like?

The Pygmy elephants were smaller than the ones we see usually. Elephants were trapped on islands with little food and few resources to survive, resulting in their reduction. On Sicily, they became as tiny as 3 feet tall and 250 pounds, making them dwarves.

The elephants were there until the man arrived. Early tribes hunted the small elephants, some of their remains were also found in the cave hundreds of years later. The Cyclops are described in the same way as dwarf elephants according to Greek mythology.

Cyclopes are usually seen with one round eye instead of two. Some believe that they have two empty eye sockets and one eye in the middle of their forehead. 

What do the Reddit Discussions say?

Some of the users are convinced that scientific discovery is absolutely right and the ancient Greeks had never seen an elephant. That is why, when they discovered fossil bones, they misinterpreted them as one-eyed monsters. While some other users believe that it was a one-eyed creature that existed on earth years ago and went extinct like dinosaurs.

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