How to delete doordash account?

How to delete doordash account?
How to delete doordash account?

Doordash was founded in May 2013 by college students, and now they offer services around USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Germany. The facilities they provide are food delivery, merchant deliveries etc. It is a useful application for consumers to save their time and energy and get delivery at their door step. In the initial days they were only looking forward to deliver food, but now they can help you to market your store as well in terms of groceries or any household merchandise.

Nearly 15% of market share doordash holds in US as of 2022, also they are a big-time company providing opportunities to grow in their respective careers where they have vacancies for sales, product design and also engineering. With the increasing in their popularity there are some disadvantages also which can be a big concern for the consumers.

Why Doordash has become a concern?

So, while you download the application, you have to put up some of your personal details, with that you have to add your account details too, from which it will be convenient for you to order and collect any of the food items or groceries etc.

While putting up the details you will be sharing your financial numbers with them, which they will store in their database, but the reason of raising a concern is that, in the year 2018 & 2019, there were lot many cases from the re-known outlets of losing their customer database to some of the hackers, as this is serious and a major issue to be highlighted as your all personal financial data is used by anonymous user sitting on the other side of your system. Just to prevent this fact there are users who are also uninstalling the application and deleting their account.

Furthermore, even the customers are not happy with the services due to non-availability of the delivery partners, also there have been numerous complaints against them on withholding the tips of their delivery partners, apart from this they even had a fall out with major restaurants due to increasing in their commission rates, eventually it was 10% but drastically it went up to 40% in no time, and because of this the restaurants have also stopped partnering with them anymore.

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How to delete doordash account?

  • Once you go to the website, you have to login with your credentials
  • After logging in you will have 3 dots in parallel line on the left side of your screen, and select to go into the menu settings.
  • Once the dialog is appeared you can see a drop box named as “account”, click on it and it will take you to your account settings.
  • Once account page opens up head to the right-hand bar and you can see “manage account” and click on it.
  • After you find the manage accounts page, you will be having an option of downloading all the data and archive it by selecting “request archive”, which will be stored in a zip format in your system, it consists of all your billing details so that once you delete the account these details cannot be recovered.
  • After the files are downloaded just below the request archive you can see an option as “delete account”, after clicking this you be will re directed to a new tab which will provide you the verification code via your mobile or e-mail to delete your account.
  • After entering the code received by the other end, you put the same and delete your account forever.

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How to delete the doordash account through customer support?

It is not possible to delete your account through them, but a temporary disability of your account can be done by it, also the taken subscription can will be halted for the given duration.

  • Enter through their website,, after that visit the “help” column where you will be redirected to enter the details
  • The details they will ask for is your name, email address, phone number and some other information as required, once you fill all the details you have to express the reason of deactivating the following account from which it will be suspended temporarily, after completing this step you have to submit your request and wait for the concerned person to connect back to you.

All these steps of deleting the account or temporary suspending it will be done only by their website and not from mobile application.

Alternatives for Doordash

  • Uber East
  • Grubhub
  • Postmates
  • EatStreet

These all are major competitors for doordash as they have partnered with numerous outlets around and also have a good review among the consumers.

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