New 5 Day Challenge on TikTok, Detox Water Fat Burning Challenge

New 5 Day Challenge on TikTok, Detox Water Fat Burning Challenge

Tiktok is really famous for unique things including motivational videos, vlogs, food recipes, and much more. It brings new trends every now and then while we just keep on catching up to it. After having introduced numerous challenges, TikTok has now a new challenge that is trending. 

What is this New Challenge that is Trending on TikTok?

This new challenge is spread across 5 days where the creators share their experience of going through changes within 5 days of doing something. It can be anything like a workout, diet, shower, etc. 

There has been a variety of videos on this trend. Some users shared a mini vlog where they committed to achieving something in the next 5 days. While some were only drinking water for 5 days, there were some trying extreme celebrity diets and much more.

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What is the Detox Water Fat Burning Challenge on TikTok?

The detox water fat-burning challenge is where people make a drink with different ingredients which assist them in burning fat. Since there are many looking to lose weight, this challenge has taken its own place on the internet.

While there are different recipes used by different people, its main base is either hot or cold water. Since this trend has gone viral there have been various videos of users making fat-burning drinks. Not only did they share the recipe but also the results. Looking at the videos it looked like consuming this water wasn’t harmful to their health. In addition to these drinks, the users didn’t work out or do any physical activities. 

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What is the Secret Recipe of the Detox Water Fat Burning Drink?

The recipe for this drink is super easy. All the items are usually available at our home. To make this detox water you need a few mint leaves, ½ sliced lemon, ½ lime juice, 1 sliced cucumber, six cups of water, and 1 tbsp of ginger. This water can last with you for an entire day.

Another way to make this detox drink is by blending all the same ingredients with lime juice, green apple, and pineapple. You can also make one drink with chia seeds. Take 1 tbsp of soaked chia seed and half lime juice in a cup of water and drink it daily. 

Just like these recipes, there are many alternatives and you can look at those recipes on TikTok. 

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