Savannah Chavez: Daughter of Ismael Chavez Slammed for Posting #BlueLivesMatter

Savannah Chavez Blue Lives Matter Twitter Ismael
Savannah Chavez with Ismael Chavez, Savannah Chavez Twitter Blue Lives Matter Drama

Savannah Chavez posted a heartfelt tweet to mourn the death of her father, Ismael Chavez, who was killed in an ambush on Saturday night. Netizens slammed the teenager for using the wrong hashtag #BlueLivesMatter to pay tribute to her deceased dad.

Savannah penned a beautiful tweet describing the journey she had traveled so far with her dad. She called him “a hero” in the tweet.

What Twitter users did not like was the way the tweet ended. It ended with #BlueLivesMatter, and soon everybody started slamming her for not using the word without understanding its context first. Read What Does Blue Lives Matter mean?

People mentioned that the hashtag Blue Live Matter is a “racist” term. The amount of hatred she received in such a short span had left no choice for Savannah than to delete the tweet eventually.  Read Savannah Chavez wiki, bio, age, photo details.

Who is Savannah Chavez? Wiki

Savannah Chavez, 16-years-old, is the daughter of Ismael Chavez, a reputed McAllen police officer shot and killed over the weekend.

Savannah Chavez Blue Lives Matter Twitter Ismael
Savannah Chavez with Ismael Chavez, Savanah Chavez Twitter Blue Lives Matter Drama

In the now-deleted tweet, she mentioned that she will “miss you [Ismael] so much”. Take a look at the entire tweet.

“I’m going to miss you so much. You died doing what you loved most, you died a hero. I love you daddy. See you soon. #bluelivesmatter”

According to social media enthusiasts, the term #bluelivesmatter reflected racism and people trolled her for the same. She eventually took down the tweet.

Check: Savannah Chavez Instagram

One user joked about how she could not use pay tribute to her father without using a racist hashtag. People jumped in her DMs to write hate comments. Savannah got frustrated and decided to stop replying to comments and DMs all together.

Savannah Chavez’s Father Ismael Chavez Death – Two McAllen Police Officers Killed in an Ambush

Ismael Chavez, a 39-years-old reputed McAllen police officer, as described by the Chief of Police Rodriguez, was murdered in an ambush on Saturday night.

Two officers Edelmiro Garza and Ismael reported to a domestic violence call on July 11. They were patrolling nearby and immediately arrived at the scene.

Police Officer Ismael Chavez Shot Dead Photo, Wiki
Police Officer Ismael Chavez Shot Dead Photo, Wiki

The duo parked the vehicle outside the house in a home at Queta Avenue and South 35th Street near Los Encinos Park, Texas, US.

Both Garza and Chavez were gunned down by Aldon Caramillo, who later shot himself dead after other police officers arrived at the scene.

Cheif Rodriguez said, “The officers never had a chance to suspect a deadly assault on them, much less death, at the moment.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and State Attorney General Ken Paxton have provided full support to the police and the deceased’s families.

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Savannah Chavez’s Blue Lives Matter Tweet Reactions

Some people hated the tweet straight away and wrote hate comments on Savannah Chavez’s #BlueLivesMatter post. They said that she should have only paid tribute to her father “as a person” and not involve a uniform in the text.

One user wrote: “You could have made the post about him as a person that d**b**s uniform wasn’t glued to him.”

Savannah has received more positive comments than hate comments. People have come in to support the teenager and argued that she could have possibly written the hashtag while grieving. Other people said that it is perfectly fine to use #BlueLivesMatter and it does not cause any harm to someone’s feelings. Check out some reaction on Twitter.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Savannah Chavez.

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